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  1. Glenn Han says:

    G’day Andrew,

    I came across your blog while researching on the new 2013 Shimano Biomaster SW and I must say that its very impressive. Kudos for sharing your adventures on the internet!

    The reason for this message is to ask about your views on the Biomaster SW 5000XG because that’s the exact same model that I am currently looking at. The high speed of 6.2 will be perfect for me chasing mackerels and tunas here in Queensland Australia.

    Can I ask for your personal views and experiences with it?

    thanks very much in advance.


    • Glenn,

      Thanks for enjoying the blog. I only just bought the Biomaster, but to-date have taken a couple of queenfish to c.3kg and a couple of Catfish to c.5kg. I recon it’s good for Spanish macs (narrow barred, trevally, and smallish tunas, say to 15kg, and could probably handle an incidental sailfish, though not as a main sailfish go-to reel (I’m off to Rompin sailfishing again soon, so maybe I’ll get to test it on a sail ….!?). I’ve got mine spooled with 20lb power pro braid, c.250m. I love this reel for light tackle spinning and bait fishing. It’s the 3rd level reel in the Shimano range but much more classy than the previous Biomaster. Enjoy!


  2. Glenn Han says:

    Thanks for your response Andrew and much appreciated. Its always good to read honest feedbacks from a fellow angler. I was just about to purchase the Catalina 4020 when this reel popped up and got me very interested.

    Cheers A.


  3. delvin says:

    NIce Blog & Nice Catch

    R u permanent here or just here for the fish??

    ps: Enjoy ur fishing trip in Malaysia!!

    Thumbs up!

  4. Eugene says:

    Hi Andrew,
    Happy New Year to you. I have been visiting your blogs of late and find them to be very informative and helpful. I have just moved to KL and was looking for some good places to fish. I noticed that your fishing adventures in NEFFP has been very successful. I am particularly curious and interested by the Magical White Starlit lures that you shared. As mentioned by you earlier, most tackle shops around KL do not sell this product and was wondering where can I get some of those.


    • Hi Eugene,

      Thanks for reading the blog. The only place that I’ve found that stock this model white Starlit lures is in a tackle shop about 50m away from Kepong Tackle, on the opposite side of the road. I don’t remember the name of the shop. But, actually, quite a few white soft plastic lures work; I’ve also had quite a few fish on a jig head with a soft plastic tail. Anything heavy enough to bump bottom on a slow retrieve plus with a decent amount of vibration will work.

      Good luck! A

  5. Lionel says:

    Pretty good blog. How was the toman fishing in Fish Valley? Worth it?

    • Lionel,
      I think that the fishing is pretty good – infact I’ve been there 4 times this past month, so it must be good! I have noticed a slight drop of in strike rates. This is probably only to be expected as the fishery matures and the fish (that have been caught and released a few times) start to get more cautious.

      Good luck.


  6. Jon Wood says:

    Hi Andrew,

    I’ve been reading your posts since I knew I was coming to Malaysia. Really interesting and informative stuff. Just started work at University of Nottingham in Semenyih this week. Brought some gear from home and bought a spinning rod here. Thinking of trying Fish Valley and then Exotic Natural when I get a vehicle. I notice that you use a lot of soft rubber lures with the lead heads. Is there somewhere where I can pick some of those up in KL or elsewhere?

    Jon Wood

  7. Jon Wood says:

    Hi Andrew,
    Thanks for the info. I am going in to KL tomorrow and I will hopefully track down the things I need. A trip out sounds great. Where are you based?

  8. Jon Wood says:

    Hi Again,
    Just got back from first time at FV. Fished the 40 RM lake. Had a couple of tilapia bait fishing and then fished with a white rubber worm that I picked up at Pudu (thanks for the tip). Rigged it with a cone-shaped lead (also Pudu) above the eye to help casting. Missed a couple of strikes then hooked into something enormous that took at least 80 metres of line (not kidding) before coming off. Still shaking. Mekong? Let me know if you fancy Natural Exotic over the next few weeks. Would love to give it a try for those cats. Thanks again for the help so far.

  9. Jon Wood says:

    I would say 75%. Sent a reply to your email about this weekend.

  10. Andy says:

    Hi Jon

    Great blog about your adventures in Oman. I will soon be starting to hunt down the yellow fin here and hope to get a sail fish or 2. I wanted to ask you about the Omani orange rebel lure. Do you have any pictures of this? Or maybe you could send a link?

    Also the Omani style of rigging this lure? How is this down? How is it unique?

    Any tips greatly appreciate, keep up the good work.



  11. Sadat Osman says:

    Hi Andrew,

    It was a pleasure reading your blog.

    Good reports on unique trips in Malaysia are hard to come by these days.

    Anyway, I’m a staff writer with HOOKED Magazine in Singapore and I’d like to showcase one of your exciting trips.

    Do you have any upcoming trips?

    Let me know if you are keen on the idea.

    Best regards,
    Sadat Osman

  12. Sadat Osman says:

    Fantastic! The Port Dickson one sounds like an interesting one. I’ll go for that, but if you have something unusual lined up for Rompin, then we could also consider that cos’ chasing sailfish is pretty much overdone. Let me know!


  13. Isaac says:

    Dear Andrew,
    May I know the charges for fishing in EAK as long as bait used to catch the pacus?


    • Isaac,
      It cost us RM20 per person to fish for the day and RM40 to rent the boat. We caught the pacu on two types of bait – pellets and a type of processed tofu (I didn’t prepare the baits so I’m not sure exactly the type – it was bought as a tofu product and boil cooked for 5 minutes. It looked like chicken). However, I think that palm oil seeds, tempeh and bread baits would also work well here. Experiment!

      Good luck.


  14. Raj says:

    Hi Andrew, been a big fan of your fishing page. I only recently got to know about your page but I binge read a lot of your articles. I was wondering if you were gonna visit the toman pond in fish valley anytime soon? I’ve been there twice but only manage to land one toman. It was around 3kg.

    • Raj,

      Thanks for reading. I will hit that pond again sometime in the near future. I have a lure fishing itch to scratch! But toman are crafty creatures, they are hard to catch there on lures now. They’s become wary.


      • Raj says:

        No worries. Your blog is entertaining and informative! I might be able to tag along for that toman fish valley trip if you don’t mind. Just let me know I guess through email. Would be cool to hangout. Take care man.

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