Natural Exotic Pond Behrang – Amazons and Asians (09.06.17)

Yes, back yet again ….. it’s becoming an addiction. This will be the last trip for a while though.

Frustrated by losing what we thought to be Alligator Gar last week,  and “interested” to try the chicken intestine bait that proved so effective for fellow anglers the previous week (interested but not keen – I don’t like using bait with the potential to give me food poisoning if I don’t keen my hands completely clean), we were back for another go.

So, baits was a bag of prawns and a pack of frozen chicken guts (RM3 at the pond) plus a small bucket with a concentrated soap solution for hand washing after baiting up …… My target species were gar and Chao Phraya catfish. I was not keen on catching anymore Asian Redtail catfish!

When we arrived the pond was deserted (for the first time ever – Friday afternoon during Ramadan):

Natural Exotic Pond, Behrang

We started fish, my using prawns and the wife on chicken guts. Prawns were definitely the hot bait today. I started picking up Amazon Redtail Catfish, whilst the wife was getting Asian Redtails:

Amazon Redtail Catfish #1

Asian Redtail Catfish #1

Amazon Redtail Catfish #2

Asian Redtail Catfish #2

Despite us landing a couple of fish apiece during the first hour and a half, I was getting many more bites – almost one per cast on prawn bait. The problem is I was getting smashed – dragged under pipes at the edge of the pond and resulting in broken hook lengths and lost leaders. I spend the first couple of hours tying leaders and making up wire traces, and it was hard work in the extreme heat. Some of the lost fish were undoubtedly big Amazon Catfish, but I suspect at least one was an Alligator Gar. We saw no signs of Chao Phraya Catfish though ….!

Mako then hooked into a decent fish that turned out to be a large Asian Redtail, maybe 7 kg or more, a good size here for this species:

Asian Redtail Catfish, c.7 kg

As dusk approached, I was in action with a run of large Amazon Redtails:

Amazon Redtail Catfish #3

Amazon Redtail Catfish #4
The Natural Exotic Pond at dusk

Amazon Redtail Catfish #5

I was still getting plenty of action, but after picking up a small Asian Redtail, decided to move to the south-western corner of the pond  for the last half an hour to see if I could snag a garfish. 

Asian Redtail Catfish #4 & #5

Mako lost what she suspected to be a gar  on the opposite side of the pond to me (violent head shaking and then a pulled hook) before I had a subtle take that didn’t take much line initially, and I thought it was a gar. But as it came closer to the platform it started making strong runs, and another decent Amazon Catfish emerged from the murky waters:

Amazon Redtail Catfish #6

I finished up with another fish with the last prawn bait – a final Asian Redtail. We finished up with 6 Amazon and 5 Asian Redtails. The prawns had won, hands down, over the chicken guts, but at c. 1 RM a prawn vs. RM3 for a packet of guts I can see why the later bait is popular …. We won’t be back for a while – I want different species, I’ve had enough of Redtail Catfish …!!

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2 Responses to Natural Exotic Pond Behrang – Amazons and Asians (09.06.17)

  1. Gerald says:


    I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog as it’s one of the very few interesting blogs about fishing in Malaysia in English which I can relate to. Keep it up !
    BTW when you say you used prawns as bait at the Natural Exotic pond, are they the normal sea prawns you get from any wet market or are they freshwater prawns?



    • Gerald,

      Thanks for the comments – I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog.

      I’m using largish whole prawns (around 10 cm long) that I buy in Mercado or Cold Storage. I’m not sure if they are fresh-water or salt-water varieties but I’m sure that it won’t matter. You could try using smaller fresh-water prawns, they may work on Mekong Catfish.

      Good luck.


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