Natural Exotic Pond, Behrang – Amazon Catfish (10.05.17)

My first visit to this new fishing location, almost two weeks before, was both frustrating and rewarding. Rewarding in the fact that I caught my first legitimate (not foul hooked) alligator gar. But frustrating in that it was extremely busy on the previous visit, with limited space to fish and we ended up with only the solitary gar between me and my fishing mate. On that first exploratory trip we’d had only a handful of bites and had suffered from bit-offs, pulled hooks and broken clips compounding the slow bite.

So, I was keen to give it another kick, this time on a (hopefully) quieter mid-week day. This time I was fishing with the wife on her first visit to the new NEFFP. As anticipated, it was a lot quieter than my previous visit and I had some choice of spots. This time we opted to fish near the end of the platform on the right-hand side. It  started off just like my previous visit ….. very slow. My wife notice some fish rises behind us on the left-hand side of the platform. After an hour with no luck we switched sides and, slowly, our luck changed.

I was in action first, with a plump Amazon Redtail Catfish, taken in the rain:

Amazon Redtail Catfish #1 in the rain

Fighting Amazon Redtail Catfish #2

I followed up half an hour later with another:

Amazon Redtail Catfish #2

It was, however, still slow as dusk approached.

New Natural Exotic Pond – west side at dusk

I managed to catch the third fish just before 7 pm, another Amazon:

Amazon Redtail Catfish #3

The wife was struggling to get a bite and was starting to get frustrated and beginning to moan. Finally, just after dark she got a good take and was rewarded with her only fish, but the biggest of the session:

Mako with Amazon Redtail #4

Finally, as time ebbed away I procured one last fish to close out the session. Yet anotehr Amazon Redtail:

Amazon Redtail Catfish #5

It turned out to be a reasonable second visit, but still slow compared to our experience of the old NEFFP in Rawang. Still, it was evident that there was a lot to learn about the various secrets of this new venue. I will return!

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2 Responses to Natural Exotic Pond, Behrang – Amazon Catfish (10.05.17)

  1. aziz daud says:

    Hi Andrew,
    When are you going to report about this new place? Would be nice if you could give a review .

    • Aziz,

      I’m working through a back-log due to some computer issues. I’m finishing off the Japan trip and then will turn my attention to the new place in the next week or so.

      Why don’t you join me for a trip there …??


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