Fish Valley, Semenyih – Public Holiday Pacu (24.04.17)

Another public holiday in Malaysia, and back again for another attempt at generating a pacu feeding frenzy. We came armed once again with expired buns – this time though we had two sacks of buns …..! What could possible go wrong?

Well, being as it was a public holiday it was very busy when we arrived at the pond. Our preferred fishing spots were already taken. And …. it was raining! We decided to fish in the southern part of the pond, where we’d finished our last session here. Unfortunately, I preferred spot here was also taken, so we opted for the south-east bank.

I quickly rigged up in the light rain whilst Mako started chumming with buns. We got some surface activity and within 20 minutes or so Mako was hooked up to her first fish – a decent pacu of c.5 kg:

Pacu #1, c.5 kg

After that promising start it was slow going though. Despite activity in our chum line, we had very little activity – we were getting fish taking the buns but without hooking up – presumably small fish, lampam in particular. There was also a suspicion of big-head carp in the swim – these fish will slurp off the bait, often without hooking up.

Finally, an hour after our first fish I got my first decent take, and pulled in a greedy, but small, baung:


A frustrating afternoon progressed into early evening and, finally, activity started to pick up. Mako started to get bites in a little embayment to her right.  She hooked up a big fish and fought it to the bank, only for me to miss it with the first attempt at netting. The fish turned and then bit off …..! But Mako soon got over her disappointment with another fish a few minutes later, smaller that the lost fish, but still a respectable c.4 kg:

Pacu #2, c. 4 kg

We then entered another lull, before I finally got my first pacu strike of the session, another fish of around 4 kg. I brought it to the net. But whilst unhooking the fish on the bank it managed to wriggle out of the fish grip (I hadn’t locked it shut as I’m a bit concerned that this fish grip design may damage the fish’s mouth when clicked shut- it applies a lot of pressure to the grip pincer) and managed to flop into the pond before I could get a picture.

Now, with dusk drawing in, Mako hooked up again and landed her third, and the smallest, pacu of the session:

Pacu #4

That fish was the last , in what was a disappointing session, despite us chumming heavilty with buns. Were we in the wrong place, or did we over chum? It didn’t seem like anyone was catching much around the pond on this day. Did the weather play a part?

Red sky at night over Fish Valley

I rigged down and we packed up in a cloudy, red sky, once again in light rain.

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