Fish Valley Semenyih – Mixed Bag [Part 2] (03.03.17)

Me and the wife finally managed to get our hands on a sack of expired flavoured buns …. and expired they were, some packs were already turning green with fungal growth. Nasty …!!

We were very quickly into our first fish of the day, but the weather turned against us …..

Pacu #1 (note the bin bag full of bait …)

The bighead carp were also making a nuisance of themselves, but were a good test for the new fish gripper toy:

Bighead Carp

Rain squalls coupled with the wind blowing from the south into our face made chumming with bread difficult and we couldn’t seem to get the pacu going, although we did pick up the odd small lampam. We were grateful for a brace of plump rohu though, which we picked up during a break in the weather:

Mako with Rohu #1

Rohu #2

As the wind picked up once again, making chumming difficult, and ominous signs of storm clouds gathering, we made the decision to move to the south of the pond, with some shelter and the wind behind us.

The move paid dividends immediately. First I was bitten off by a pacu. Then Mako took a good strike and skilfully played a powerful fish to the bank – our first Mekong Catfish at this venue, a nicely conditioned 10 kg fish. The catch of the day:

11-patin-03-03-17Mekong Catfish, 10 kg

In-between the catfish, I had another pacu on for 5 minutes before being bitten off once again, and then Mako followed up her catch with a plump Jelawat:


It was my turn next. I free-spooled a bun into a burst of surface activity on chummed buns and was immediately rewarded with a feisty pacu:

Pacu #2

I followed this up with another good strike but was, once again, bitten off. Then on the last cast, with the last flavoured bun (yes, we’d managed to use the entire bin bag full) I hooked-up again just as I picked up the rod to wind in. This fish felt good but turned, ran and threw the hook …!

Still not the frenzy that we are seeking, but a good day none the less. It’s always nice to get a mixed bag of species.

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