Fish Valley Semenyih – Thaipusam (09.02.17)

Another public holiday, and once again me and the wife headed south from KL for an afternoon fishing at Semenyih. We’ve been doing alright there over the past few months but we are still looking for a session with a big catch of pacu.

Things started off fairly slowly and our baits began to be troubled by small lampam, and then shortly after the bighead carp moved in to feast on out chum line …… I got tired of them stealing my floating bun baits with their subtle bites. I wound down as one mouthed my bait:


4-bighead-carp-09-02-17Bighead Carp (Tongsan)

These fish are large but are poor sport, they also have smelly slime. Not a desirable species, and one of the trash fish when you are seeking pacu. However, this one (unusually) had an intact caudal fin (a lot of fish here tend to have eroded tail fins – possibly from agrressive pacu) and actually put up a bit of a struggle! We followed this fish with a couple of small lampam before pacu finally moved into our swim, about an hour and a half after we started fishing.

The first fish gave an unusual bite – the line when gently tight and I though I was snagged. It then came in at first like a dead-weigh and seemed like a big fish. As it got close to the bank it started to make the characteristic short power runs of a pacu:

Pacu #1


8-pacu-1-09-02-17Pacu #1

After a bit of a lull, I picked up my second fish – this time with the typical pacu strike that slammed the rod over and started ripping line from the reel:

10-pacu-2-09-02-17-edPacu #2

It was, by now, late afternoon and people were out enjoying the public holiday and late afternoon sunshine. However, it was slow fishing. Wifey was still struggling, only managing the odd small lampam and was bitten off by her only pacu hook-up.

As the afternoon passed into early evening, two anglers to our left, who were chumming with a large quantity of flavoured buns and other bread products (they were using past sell-by-date breads that can be bought at a local bread shop – can anyone let me know the address / location of this bread shop?) and, after a slow start, started racking up the pacu strikes and landings. I started casting to the margins of their chum, and was finally rewarded, just after 7pm, with a good strike that I passed on to my wife to fight, a decent pacu of 6 kg:

12-pacu-3-09-02-17Pacu #3, 6 kg

With time, and bait, ebbing away, I managed to hook a fourth fish 5 minutes later, once again from the edge of the chum line. In-front of a large audience I played this fish to the bank, only for it to bite me off just as I was preparing to net it:

Pacu #4

It had been a reasonable, if slow session for us. The anglers next to us probably caught at least double our catch. It’s pretty frustrating – I need to source the cheap flavoured buns to be able to bring in the pacu, get them in a frenzy, and drive the bighead carp away ….!!


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2 Responses to Fish Valley Semenyih – Thaipusam (09.02.17)

  1. Kolby Lee says:

    Hi Andrew,
    You can obtain the expired buns from Kedai Roti dan Kek A.1. in Cheras. I would recommend calling in advance to check for their availability, as they tend to get snatched up very quickly.

  2. Kolby,
    Thank you for the information. I will give it a try for my next trip.


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