Fish Valley Semenyih – Mixed Bag [Part 1] (10.02.17)

Frustrated from our visit here the previous day, my wife had managed to find close to sell-by-date discount sweet potato buns for sale in the bakery at Jusco. She called me up to see if I wanted to give it another try. Why not …… I was confident that we would be able to get a pacu feeding frenzy going . However …….

We arrived to anglers already fishing from the road location and very slow fishing conditions. We got the chum going and once again attracted a number of bighead carp into our swim. But, despite the potato buns being sticky and difficult to use, they seemed to be good bait. Within 30 minutes of fishing I was into my first pacu:


2-pacu-1-10-02-17Pacu #1

Wifey followed this fish up with a grass carp:

3-grass-carp-1-10-02-17Grass Carp #1

This second fish was followed by a long lull, with only the odd lampam to provide any excitement before I finally hooked-up my second pacu of the day, a c.6 kg fish:


11-pacu-2-10-02-17Pacu #2 c. 6 kg

Despite being in a good location, catching an early pacu and extensively chumming with buns, we failed to get the pacu in a frenzy. However, there were a number of groups of anglers around the pond, and no one else seemed to be having any success.

We persevered, and 10 minutes later I was in action again, this time with a small grass carp:

12-grass-carp-2-10-02-17Grass Carp #2

Even though we couldn’t get the pacu going, the bighead carp were evident, stealing our bait at will. Mako finally wound down into one as it slurped her bait from the surface:

14-bighead-carp-10-02-17Bighead Carp (tongsan)

We were slowly building our catch numbers and picking up a few different species. It was my turn next as the session was coming to an end. First I hooked on of the golden-yellow common carp that I’d seen swimming amongst our chum:

15-common-carp-10-02-17Common Carp

Then, right at the end, with the very last bait and cast, I took a good strike that I thought was a pacu. The fish soon revealed itself to be a good sized rohu (c.6 kg) – always a bonus catch here:

17-rohu-10-02-17Rohu, c.6 kg

Out of bait and out of time, that was it for the session. Despite not getting into the pacu in any numbers, we’d picked up a couple plus had a good mixed bag of carp, catching 6 different species in all. It was a good return on what was a slow day at the pond – the other anglers had appeared to struggle all afternoon.

We will be back …!!


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