Fish Valley Semenyih – Bun Fun [Part 2] (01.02.17)

Another public holiday in KL, hard on the heels of Chinese New Year and some free time to enjoy. The wife and I have had a particularly hard time of late with family issues and decided, despite the weather forecast for showers), to spend a few hours fishing at Fish Valley. Once again we arrived in a rain shower, but that quickly subsided and we rigged up two rods to fish floating buns and one to float fish bread and commenced fishing.

It was slow at first, but still the odd take stripped the floating bun offering without hooking up. Then we got plagued by a nasty line tangle between two rods. As I was attempting to unravel the hateful knot, I got a bite from a lampam which was duly released (luckily not a pacu as it took some time to separate the lines from the two rods). I followed this up with another lampam, and then a common carp, both fish taken on whole chocolate bun bait:

1-common-carp-01-02-17Common Carp

I then took a good strike (on a chocolate bun) from a pacu. I passed the rod to Mako, but after a decent fight she got bitten off.  Infact it wasn’t to be her day, as she lost another pacu soon after the strike to a pulled hook; and then lost a common carp to a hook pull as the fish came bankside.

Meanwhile, I was getting a steady stream of takes on the floating buns. Pacu #1 came after a good take and decent fight, a fish of around 4kg:

2-pacu-1-01-02-17Pacu #1, c.4kg

Unfortunately this fish got tangled with another of my lines resulting in a horrible tangle. I spent a good 45 minutes of the afternoon trying to unravel tangles and save braid, to no avail, and then cutting out large sections of line and re-tying leaders and re-rigging rods! Very frustrating work!! However, the good fishing was compensation – I followed this up with another decent hook-up which I passed to Mako. She did a good job bringing the feisty and aggressive fish to the net, a good 5kg pacu:

4-pacu-2-5kg-01-02-17Mako’s Pacu, 5kg

As usual, as dusk approached, the fishing became better, with a lot of surface activity feeding on the chummed bread, and regular hits on our floated buns. I took a nice Jelawat on a bun, which put up a surprisingly strong fight:


And then I followed this up with a good pacu that struck after I cast my bun at the edge of a surface feeding frenzy. This fish was aggressive, making repeated powerful runs and sudden changes in direction:

7-pacu-3-6kg-01-02-17-edPacu, 6kg

Finally, as the light was beginning to fade, Mako made one last cast into an area of surface activity. As she was holding the rod a big pacu struck, bucking her rod ocver and making the reel scream. But suddenly, as she started to regain line, the fish turned and the hook pulled. That was the story of her day today. But that’s fishing. If it was too easy it wouldn’t be fun ….! Still, a pleasant afternoon that took our mind off our stresses for a few hours.


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