Fish Valley Semenyih – Bun Fun [Part 1] (27.01.17)

My first fishing foray of 2017, and my first visit here since late December. After the last trip I came down with a nasty cough that laid me low for a few weeks and curtailed my fishing activity …!! Anyway, me and wifey returned with a stock of (well-past) sell-by-date flavoured buns (from the last visit), some of which were growing various forms of mould, 4 loaves of sliced white bread and 2 packs of fresh chocolate buns.

We arrived in a rain shower to find our preferred fishing spot (and, infact, the whole lake) empty…… yay. As predicted by the forcast, the shower was short and we had perfect overcast conditions with virtually no breeze and the odd spot of sun. The fishing, however, started off very slow. On the last visit, the floating buns were hardly touched whilst my wife had plenty of action on small, float fished bread baits. So, I rigged up two rods with floats and one with a circle hook snelled directly onto 40lb braid leader. We chummed the water  and waited ….. and waited. It was really slow, however, our chum was getting plenty of attention.

The float fished bread was getting attention from small fish but nothing else. Wifey was up first, with a decent lampam. Meanwhile, the stale and mouldy buns were getting attacked by small fish and the unwanted tongsan (bighead carp), but nothing else. Finallly, I got a take that proved to be a large lampam. But still not a desired species. As the day wore on I ran out of old buns and switched to the fresh stock. Immediately I had a take and wound into a tongasn that came in, as usual, like a wet plastic bag:

1-bighead-carp-27-01-17Bighead Carp

I re-baited with another chocolate flavoured bun and re-cast. Within minutes I had a good strike and was into my first pacu of the session:

3-pacu-1-287-01-17-edPacu #1

Two buns, two fish! Things were starting to pick-up. A further 15 minutes followed before I got another fish on the choco bun, this time a nicely conditioned and coloured common carp:

6-common-carp-27-01-17Common carp

Meanwhile, in complete contrast to our previous visit, when I couldn’t get a bite on buns to save my life, wifey was having no success at all on the float-fished bread (on the last visit she was getting plenty of fish with this set-up and bait ….). Bizarre! I offered her the next fish on my rig but she declined.

Now, as the afternoon passed into early evening, a bit of a feeding frenzy had commenced, with larger, more aggressive fish hitting the chummed bread. I took a vicious strike on another floated bun and was in a good battle with an evidently larger pacu. The fish pulled a fair amount of string as it ran to the centre of the lake, and took a good 5 minutes or so to coax to the bank and the waiting net:

8-pacu-2-c-6kg-27-01-17Pacu #2, c.6kg

For the next 30 minutes or so, the buns kept getting stripped by smaller fish and tongsan before I took another wicked strike, another (smaller, but still feisty) pacu:

9-pacu-3-27-01-17-edPacu #3

Wifey was still having no luck and intimated that she would like to take the next fish. However, the flavoured buns had, by now, run out. I switched to whole slices of bread and simultaneously chummed the same. 3 pieces floated together. I watched one, then the second and finally the third (hooked) piece get taken. I passed the rod to the wife, but in the transfer, a bit of slack line allowed the fish to escape.

I thought that that was it for the session. I left a slice of bread bait out whilst I started to pack up. It was getting dark and, I guessed,  well past the 7.00pm fishing curfew. Finally, I had one last cast and counted down from 30 (to wind in at zero). At 15 I got a strike and passed the rod over. Wifey brought in her first ever rohu:


11-makos-rohu-27-01-17Rohu, c.6kg.

As we were photographing the fish the ticket man came by on his motorbike and told us off for fishing over-time. We quickly released the fish and packed our gear before retiring to the restaurant for tiger beers and some nice Asian food. It had ended up being a decent session, with 5 different species and some good sized fish …. most enjoyable and relaxing, especially having the entire pond to ourselves.


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