Fish Valley Semenyih – Bun Fight (29.12.16)

Yet another return visit to Fish Valley to try to get on the hot Pacu bite of recent weeks and learn how to be consistent with the “floating buns” method of bait fishing. For this trip me and wifey were going to fish with Noru.

We arrived at location late after having to make a detour to find a supermarket stocked with cheap & nasty high glycaemic index flavoured buns ….! Noru was waiting, but not fishing. Our proposed fishing spot was swarming with people, all fishing …. flavoured buns ….!! Has my blog become too successful in advertising fishing spots ….? Anyway, I convinced Noru that we could fish at the beginning of the road. But, literally as we walked to the spot, two other anglers beat us too it. We were forced right into the NW corner of the pond, with people fly fishing to our left, giving is even less pace as we had to give them room to cast.

Undeterred, we started to fish. Surprisingly, I got a strike almost immediately from a large pacu, that bit me off after a couple of minutes. It then was dead in our corner of the pond, with not another touch for a long period. Fishing was hampered by line drift and too many anglers, with frequent crossed lines and tangles. Mako decided to move away from the maddening crowd, and was soon starting to notch up bites and fish, on simple bread flake,  bringing in a succession of lampam:

1-mako-java-barb-29-12-16-edMako with a lampam

She followed this up with a couple of pacu, which both managed to bite her off after a decent fight (both times after I’d collected the camera, pliers, disgorger and landing net and walking over to her location) and eventually losing her float. I re-tied her rig, this time with a circle hook and 40lb braid leader to help avoid the dreaded pacu dentistry.

Meanwhile, the bite had slowly started to pick up along our bank. Noru was in action next, bringing in a nicely conditioned jelawat:

3-noru-jelawat-29-12-16-edNoru with a nice jelawat

There then followed another quiet period. I couldn’t get a take to save my life. To my left though, the pacu started to bite and a succession of fish started to be brought in. Other anglers started pushing in on the edge of the action, further squeezing our space and causing numerous tangles – a real bun fight ….!! It was frustrating in the extreme.

It was, by now, starting to get late. Mako moved over to fish with me and Noru and a sudden shriek alerted us to the fact that she was hooked up again …. This time a decent pacu on bread flake, this one stayed buttoned due to the circle hook and I duly slid the net under the fish:


5-mako-pacu-29-12-16Mako with her pacu, c.5 kg

As the 7pm end-of-fishing deadline past Noru finally managed to stay hooked up to a pacu (after being bitten off a couple of times):

6-noru-pacu-29-12-16Second pacu of the session

Finally, as I was packing up in the gathering darkness, Mako hooked up again, this time (out of sympathy) she passed the rod to me for a consolation pacu. Another frustrating session. I will return and beat this place!

8-ag-pacu-29-12-16Pacu in the dusk (7.28pm …!)

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