Fish Valley Semenyih – Floating Buns [Part 2] (21.12.16)

Thinking that we’d learnt a new trick and eager to have a Pacu party, Siôn and I stocked up on chocolate, coconut and red-bean buns and returned for a second session at Fish Valley. We arrived to find the same angler that fished next to us (and helped us out) at the same spot. Once again hammering pacu on floating buns. “Right”, we thought, this is it. time to catch mucho pacu ….!! Except …… noooooooo! We couldn’t get a pacu bite on the floating buns to save our lives, despite throwing out a range of flavours. Meanwhile, the metronomic buzz of our neighbour’s drag screaming under yet another strike continuously throughout the session frayed our nerves and made us question our sanity. The guy even checked out our bait – “yep, that should work …. but it’s a bit slow today” he affirmed. Slow, slow …. only for us!!?? All we could catch were the sloth-like bighead carp (tongsan), with as much game-fishing potential as a bucket of plankton …..!! I was also picking up the odd lampam (java barb) on small pieces of float-fished bread flake as I tried, in vain, for a prized rohu.


4-bighead-carp-no-2-21-12-16Bighead Carp (tongsan) no.’s 1 and 2

5-sion-reeling-in-bighead-carp-no-3-21-12-16Siôn “fighting” a tongsan

7-bighead-carp-no-3-21-12-16Tongsan no.3, Siôn’s first of the session

What makes the bighead carp even less appealing than the fight is the fact that they produce a lot of smelly slime. We unhooked the fish at the bank without sacrificing the landing net …..! Truly a trash fish. I don’t know why they’ve suddenly started to show up in such numbers at this venue.

Finally, right at the end of fishing, I managed to get a good take (our neighbour had sportingly motioned to me to fish his spot after he took yet another pacu from right under our nose. Hell, my bun was about 30 cm from his when he got this fish ….). I set the hook on a powerful fish that I thought was a reasonable pacu and was surprised when a large rohu of 7.5kg broke surface and came to the net. A consolation prize indeed after a poor day (for me and Siôn):

11-rohu-7-5kg-21-12-16Trophy Rohu (7.5kg)

I finished off the day with another trash fish, just to remind me of how crap a day it had been (versus our neighbour), after starting off with such high expectations:

13-bighead-carp-no-5-21-12-16Tongsan no.5

We still have more to learn. But that’s part of what makes fishing so interesting and addictive …. just when you think you’ve got it sussed out it takes another unexpected turn. Well then, there’s only one thing for it …. we’ll have to return again for another crack at a pacu  party….!!

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