Fish Valley Semenyih – Floating Buns [Part 1] (19.12.16)

This was a return visit following last week’s successful outing.  The aim of this trip was to catch a bunch of pacu on floating buns, just as I’d seen the anglers next to me do the previous week. This time it was me and Siôn.

We arrived to find the location we wanted still available, and with large fish (that I took to be rohu)  prowling for food. We started chumming bread and got the fish feeding. Meanwhile I rigged up two rods each – one for float-fishing bread with fluorocarbon for rohu, one rigged with 40lb braid leader for surface fishing buns for pacu. Bait was 5 large loaves of sliced white bread and 6 packs of hot-dog buns.

We then started fishing – and it was quite frustrating. The bite was slow – I got bitten off by a smallish pacu as I brought it to the bank for netting. Siôn pulled the hook on a possible rohu after a few minutes of fight.  And that was it, for hours. Except a local angler came and set up to the left of us and proceeded to catch pacu and bighead carp whilst we couldn’t get a sniff of a fish. It then went quite for him too.

We’d been fishing for around 3 hours without catching anything, despite a few missed bites. We had the “rohu” feeding on our bread chum and we noticed that out gloating buns would occasionally get sucked under for a few seconds, but the line never tightened. Siôn decided to strike and hooked up. The fish came in like a water filled plastic bag, no fight at all. A large bighead carp:

2-bighead-carp-19-12-16Siôn with a Bighead Carp, fish #1

I followed suit – the next time my bread got sucked under I wound down and struck into another soggy blanket. Once again, no fight, but a new species to add to the list and I was on the scoreboard for the day ….!!

3-bighead-carp-19-12-16Bighead Carp #2

The angler fishing next to us now moved to our right as surface feeding activity had started in the late afternoon – fish were picking off the remnants of the chummed bread that had drifted to the right hand corner of the pond. He chummed some buns on the surface and then proceeded to get strike after strike from ravenous pacu. We had the odd bite and Siôn managed to score a pacu and lost a few more fish but we were getting a fraction of the bites compared to our neighbour.

6-pacu-no-1-19-12-16Siôn with the first pacu of the session

I finally could stand it no more – I strolled over to ask him the secret of his success. He was very gracious and revealed flavoured buns, fished whole. I asked him which flavour and he said “any”! He had chocolate, red bean, coconut, and more. He then came over and gave us a pack of 6 chocolate buns and showed us how he rigged them. First cast and Siôn got smashed by a big pacu that broke him off at the leader. After retying a new leader and hook for him I finally got a chance to fish a chocolate bun. As soon as it hit the water I got struck be a reasonable pacu:

7-pacu-no-2-19-12-16Pacu #2

Following this fish Siôn got another hook-up but was bitten off. It was, by now, a feeding frenzy as the light began to fade and a worker told us it was time to stop (7pm). I cast a bun out and tied on a new hook for Siôn. He was immediately smashed again as he cast out a new bun and lost his whole leader again. Almost instantaneously, I got a strike and brought in the last fish of the session, another decent pacu:


13-pacu-no-3-19-12-16Pacu #3

This fish had an old hook in its mouth that was fairly rusted,  which I removed – this is the first time that I’d brough in a fish with an old hook and I was pleased to see that it had done no apparent harm and was rusting away, even in fresh water (I can imaging that the hooks that we sometimes leave in sailfish won’t last long in salt water). The fish also had pretty bad teeth which just goes to prove kids, eating too many chocolate buns are bad for you …..

11-pacu-no-3-19-12-16-edPacu with bad teeth …..

Thanks to the advice and help from our neighbouring angler we would have had a fairly mediocre session. But it was transformed in the last 20 minutes and we’d learned some new tricks. We need to come back again soon to give it another go …!

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