Fish Valley Semenyih (12.12.16)

It was a long public holiday weekend and the weather forecast was favourable – (relatively) cool and overcast and no rain.  I took the opportunity to visit FV Semenyih with wifey to get some fresh air and, potentially, catch some fish. I was hoping for carp following recent reports on the Fishyology blog site of decent catches of good sized carp (of various species).

Bait for the session was to be bread, plain and simple, and I also bought some coconut jam buns. We were to be chumming to attract fish and using weighted floats and 20lb fluorocarbon leaders. Only the float was weighted so that the bait could sink slowly in amongst the bread berley.

We arrived and set up on the road near the restaurant (fishing the main catch & release pond). Two anglers were already in action when we arrived and had got the fish into a bit of a frenzy with frequent bread ground-baiting. We tagged onto the edge of the action and started to get bites almost immediately. I got bitten off a number of times by pacu, either at the strike or during the fight, before I eventually landed the first fish:

1-pacu-12-12-16Pacu #1

After a few more missed strikes and bite-offs I was soon hooked-up again. This time to a different species – a less aggressive and jerky fight than a pacu, but powerful and staying deep. As suspected, a nice plump rohu of c.6 kg was soon in the net. I’d noticed the dark shapes swimming through the bread line and was pleased to get this fish on the bank. As usual for here, the tail fin was badly worn/bitten (by pacu?) away, which made the fight a little easier than if the fish was in good condition:


5-rohu-c-6kg-12-12-16Rohu c.6kg

Up until this point I was getting all the action and wifey was getting a little frustrated. I re-tied the stop knot on her float rig (to stop the float slipping down towards the hook) and she suddenly started getting success. First with a small pacu:

6-pacu-12-12-16The wife’s first fish of the session

And then she landed three lampam in quick succession:

8-lampam-12-12-16Lampam (Java Barb)

And then another pacu ……

10-pacu-12-12-16-edThe wife’s second pacu

Suddenly, the tables had turned. Now wifey was getting all the bites and I couldn’t catch to save my life ….!! finally, I picked off a good fish from amongst the bread. I suspected another rohu, but this one was bigger and more powerful. I was just getting ready to bring it in for netting when the hook suddenly pulled without us ever seeing the fish in the murky pea green water. It had partially straightened the hook and made its escape (I was using light gauge long shank hooks to help reduce pacu bite off risk, but was concerned that they were a bit light if we hooked one of the larger fish in the pond and I was proved painfully right ….!).

To add insult to injury, wifey  then went and hooked-up and skilfully fought a larger pacu of 5kg, our biggest of the session (on the same light gauge hooks …..):


14-pacu-5kg-12-12-16-ed5kg pacu

I managed to snag a smaller, consolation pacu as dusk started to draw in signalling the end of the fishing:

16-fish-valley-semenyih-12-12-16-edDusk drawing in over Fish Valley

The score for the session was a combined total of 5 pacu, a rohu and 3 lampam. Not bad. As a point of interest, the anglers fishing to our left hammered the pacu . They were chumming heavily and fishing large floating bread buns. They were in constant action, landing around 15 to 20 pacu between them, all of decent size, ranging between about 4-8 kg. amazing, I’m going to return soon to target pacu using the same fishing techniques. stay tuned …!!

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6 Responses to Fish Valley Semenyih (12.12.16)

  1. Dave Spence says:

    Hi, I am planning a trip to FV tomorrow and as it will be my first attempt at fresh water fishing in Malaysia I hope to have most tactics covered. I note the use of bread and buns, will also take some prawns, sweetcorn and dried apricots, all thing which have been successful in UK carp venues. I will also have some lures. Do I buy ticket on arrival or do they collect money bankside? Any notes for a first timer will be much appreciated over a future beer.

    • Dave,
      Sorry for the late reply. They come and find you for the fishing fee (as I’m sure you’ve already discovered). How did you get on?


      • Dave Spence says:

        Hi,    Didn’t actually haul anything out but learned a lot: – I had bought crappy line, it wouldn’t hold knots. Lost three nice fish before I came up with a slip proof knot. – I should have got there earlier, (or later), I guess. Family commitments meant I didn’t wet a line until nearly 10:00 and had to leave at 1:30. – The bites died away about noon as the sun was on full power then. – Next time I intend trying bait fishing with a wire trace as I also lost fish due to bite thrus. – Tried several baits but most bites came from skinned raw prawn. – Tried the last half hour with a few lures but not a hit. Probably because they weren’t feeding due to midday sun.  Very pleased to have found FV as it is quite natural and reasonably close to KL. Most places are either miles away or those things that look like unfinished swimming pools. It seems well managed and looked after.I work a three week/three week rotation out of Bangladesh so intend to go once a week, midweek, when in KL so hopefully will run into you at some point.

      • Dave,
        The bite-offs will be pacu – they are omnivorous, pugnacious and aggressive. But they fight like hell and are certainly worth pursuing. I would suggest, rather than wire, using a braided leader (say 40-80lb) snelled to a (preferably) circle hook – that will help with bite offs and still offer some stealth to the presentation. I used green 40lb power pro braided leader and mid-sized circle hooks. Some of the regulars there use 80lb braided leader.

        I agree with you on the location – its natural looking and pleasant as long as it’s not too crowded. Another location I would suggest if you want big fish is the Natural Exotic Pond in Rawang. It’s a bit industrial but well set-up and full of huge fish.


      • Dave Spence says:

        Hi Again,              Couldn’t access the blog for some reason.               As you will see from attached pic I have broken my duck at Fish Valley. It fought like a railway train! Mind you I didn’t bully it too much as I haven’t replaced the crappy line I bought yet, (some being delivered from UK next week), and had lost another big fish earlier. The Pacu took two large prawns on a single hook to a wire trace. A few observations…. In addition to prawns I have had strong takes on a type of garlicky Indonesia meatball called Baso. I also made some paste based on the fish meal the tackle shops sell mixed with cheese and other stuff. Tried it UK float fishing style and got a bite straight away but the hook snapped.The bloke who collects the money keeps telling me I should always cast as far out as possible. This goes against everything I have learnt and there are certainly signs of big fish close in.I will experiment with feeding an area close in; in my experience fish will always follow a good smelly ground bait.I intend getting some small, about 7-8cm, whole fish from the wet market and try those lying on the bottom. Best ,         Dave

      • Dave,
        It sounds like you are on the right track, and it’s good to experiment with bait. If you look closely at the pacu they have well developed nostrils with “nasal flaps” – I think these are to help with scent direction location. Certainly strongly scented baits seem to work well – when I use palm oil seeds (for pacu) I always score them with a knife to release oil into the water.

        I don’t know why you couldn’t access the blog. Please let me know if the problem persists.


        (I couldn’t see the pic that you sent)

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