Port Dickson return (25.11.16)

Reports over the past couple of months had indicated that the fishing at Port Dickson had picked up, with a welcome return of Queenfish feeding frenzies and surface activity. Noru had got us a boat for the coming Saturday and I began watching the weather forecasts with some anxiety – it’s the monsoon season so its always a bit unpredictable and of some concern when fishing in small, open boats.

With the weather looking reasonable, I took call from Noru on the Thursday morning – he’d been out the day before and managed to hit a feeding frenzy, albeit in poor weather conditions. He and another angler had landed 24 queenfish on a variety of lures. I was pumped. Good weather and good fishing …. the perfect storm …Lol.

So, it was with some expectation that me and Sion awoke at 6.30am for our trip to PD to fish with Noru. We arrived to perfect conditions and were soon on the way to the fishing mark. en route we came across a current-line clogged with assorted flotsam and jetsam …. and …. feeding birds. We started working our lures around the floating debris, with no luck at first. “Selar”, the captain muttered (scad), and we were about to leave when I hooked up a small, but feisty fish, on the last cast, which hit the water just as a minin surface feeding even occurred. I worked the fish to the boat to reveal a rainbow runner, c.1kg – my first for this species. Unfortunately the captain had forgotten the landing net and the fish pulled the hook at boat side.

2-rainbow-runner-19-11-16Rainbow Runner

After this fish we committed the cardinal sin of “leaving fish to find fish” and headed a further kilometre or two offshore in search of queenfish. Conditions were perfect, but neither we or our companion vessel could locate the queenfish:


5-calm-conditions-19-11-16-edPerfect fishing conditions …..

There was still sporadic surface activity, with the odd glimpse of a breaching queenfish, but no hook-ups. The fishing mainly consisted of deep jigging, with very little to show for it save the odd, missed, strike. Whenever we saw signs of fish at the surface we sped over, all to no avail:

7-tools-of-the-trade-19-11-16Chasing surface activity

As usual, there was no shortage of shipping activity in the Strait:


11-strait-of-malacca-shipping-19-11-16-edStrait of Malacca shipping

Including the occasional fishing boat …..

14-strait-of-malacca-horizon-19-11-16Lone fishing boat on the horizon

Despite fishing hard, we failed to catch another fish. We did, however, manage to snag seaweed, a large log, a polystyrene cooler, a sea gull, and the catch of the trip – I manage to get my brand new 20lb braid snagged in the prop of our companion boat, losing about 70m of line in the process……

15-spinning-in-the-strait-19-11-16-edFishing hard

Despite our lack of success, it had still been enjoyable. Our companion boat managed a double hook-up of decent sized baraccuda, and back at port a few boats managed to pick off a cobia and a number of large queenfish. So it wasn’t all bad. Our expectations had been high and that just added to the disappointment. However, we will be back!

16-fishing-and-shipping-19-11-16-edrcShip and fishing boats

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