Fish Valley Snakehead (06.11.16)

fish-valley-toman-pond_pan-06-11-16-2FV Toman Pond panorama

Me and Sion decided to pass a few hours throwing plugs and soft plastics for toman (snakehead) at Fish Valley in Semenyih. I was hoping for a toman or two and particularly wanted Siôn to catch his first for this species.  But, as expected, the fishing was slow.

I set Siôn up with a trusty red-head/white plastic grub on a jig head and told him to retrieve slowly around the various structure present. I, on the other hand, clipped on a white Starlit 14g floating plug and started working the structures and casting towards fish rises. After about 15 minutes I had a knock, followed instantaneously by a second, stronger pull and a flick of the wrist set the hook on a nice fish. After some head jigging and short, erratic runs, a snakehead breached from the almost opaque green water. Siôn was at hand to slip the net under the fish and it was safely brought on land, a nicely coloured and reasonably conditioned toman of c.3 kg:


2-snakehead-06-11-16Toman in the net

The “double” strike that I’d experienced was as each of the two single hooks found their mark in the fishes maw:

4-snakehead-06-11-16-cThe white Starlight 14g floating plug worked it’s magic …

6-snakehead-06-11-16-c2Close up of the dentition


9-snakehead-06-11-16Toman (Snakehead) c.3kg

Despite moving around the pond and testing a variety of lure types and patterns, that was our only strike for the day and we finished up fishing for only two hours.  One disturbing thing was the presence of a large, decomposing toman head from a fish of c.10kg, that had been killed with a vertical stab to the brain. This looked like the work of poachers and it is sad to see that such a big fish has been removed from the fishery, and another possible reason for the decline in fishing quality at this pond.

fish-valley-toman-pond-06-11-16Late afternoon  view from the western headland

fish-valley-toman-pond_pan-06-11-16-1-edFinal panorama

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