FG Knot Preparation (10.10.16)

Following on from my (partial) successful testing of my first attempts at the FG knot I endeavoured to make improvements: some of my earlier knots partially unravelled because I didn’t lock them down properly.

I re-watched the video of how to tie the knot (see previous post). I also watched this video on the #1 commonest mistake when tying the knot:

This video made some sense, as I was having no issues forming the loops, but wasn’t locking the knot in some of my earlier FG knot attempts. After watching the videos, I tied a further half a dozen test knots, improving with each attempt, including two knots tied on my sailfish popping and live-bait pitching reels. But I wasn’t completely satisfied with them. So I cut them off and retied again, and I finished the tag end of each mono leader by blobbing it with a flame, just for extra security. These last attempts, together with a lighter lure spinning outfit, are the finished items to be tested this coming weekend at Rompin, where they will undoubtedly face the ultimate test against big, powerful sailfish:

1-1-fg-knot_20lb-braid-to-40lb-mono-cNew 20lb braid spliced to 40lb mono

2-1-fg-knot_30lb-braid-to-65lb-mono-c30lb braid tied to 65lb mono

I’m very pleased with the form and apparent strength of these knots – they are slick and elegant, perfect for lure fishing, and I’m confident (at this stage whilst still days away from the water), in the quality of my efforts. Time will tell ……!!

I’ll report back on the results in the next blog post.

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2 Responses to FG Knot Preparation (10.10.16)

  1. Daniel says:

    The best way to know if your FG is properly secured is by pulling both the tag end and main line braid away from the leader and back down, repaeating it until you get a nice tight weave on the leader. I usually repeat this every 6-10 loops to secure it. By doing this, you can see your FG slowly slipping until it comes to a complete death grip. The most crucial is the first 10 loops and usually by the 15-20th loop, you will see that your knot will stay inplace no matter how hard you pull. Do this all the way before you terminate with alternate half hithes. By terminating with alternate half hitches, the entire knot becomes very neat and tidy. Alternating the half hitch ensures that the knots line up in a straight line rather than spiraling around. General rule of thumb is around 30-40 loops before terminating. I usually terminate about 1/3 the length of my FG depensing on how long it is, sometimes 1/4 if I tie a really long FG knot.

    To tidy up the tag end of the leader, cut as close as possible to the final half hitch then pull both mainline and leader. It will slip slightly and the tag end will slip just under the last half hitche. Now tightern the half hitch again and do a couple more on the mainline. Now you will have no leader sticking out at the end of the FG towards your mainline.

    Perhaps showing in video or in person is easier to understand but comment section does not allow photos so I tried my best to put it down in words 😉

    • Daniel,

      Thank you for reading the blog and for the detailed input. I’ve been thinking about the FG knot quite a bit and realised that the was I tie it only locks the last 5-6 loops, I also was going to try pulling on both the tag end and main-line to get a better lock. I do like you solution though and will try this out on my next attempts. Unfortunately, as you will see from my latest post, I didn’t actually get to test my recent generation of FG knots on a big sailfish as I was anticipating …..! I’ll have to go again!



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