Tasik Puchong Prima (30.07.16)

My first visit to Tasik Puchong Prima (a lake at an old opencast mine working) in an unsuccessful attempt to catch Peacock Bass &/or Toman (snakehead). On this trip I was fishing with Noru and Badrul (from fishyology.com).

Conditions were perfect, and I arrived at 8am, after a bit of a struggle to find the exact location. Noru & Bad were already out on the water. And it looked good, an old mine working lake, with clear water and sporadic surface activity from feeding fish. The lads picked me up in a tinny and we proceeded to circumnavigate the lake fishing reed beds, weed patches and headlands. However, the fishing was slow with no interest on deep fished plastics, deep diving or surface plugs.

Tasik Puchong Prima_Pan 1 [rc] (30.07.16)Lake Panorama view #1

Tasik Puchong Prima_Pan 2 [rc] (30.07.16)Lake Panorama view #2

We scoured the lake in search of fish. Parts of the lake were developed, with exclusive expensive housing on the banks. In other parts it was quite wild and natural, whilst in others there was government housing close to the banks. It really is a picturesque lake, but it was sad to see parts of the lake being filled in to reclaim land for further development of tower blocks. Doo we really need this –  it would be nice to preserve such features, albeit originally man made, but with nature utilising the new habitat and trying to thrive:

Tasik Puchong Prima (30.07.16) (5) [rc]

Tasik Puchong Prima (30.07.16) (6)Land reclamation project

Tasik Puchong Prima (30.07.16) (9) [rc]

Tasik Puchong Prima (30.07.16) (10)

The ceaseless quest for development and $$

Still, it must be pleasant living here:

Tasik Puchong Prima (30.07.16) (11) [rc]

Tasik Puchong Prima (30.07.16) (12)Attractive lakeside residences

Tasik Puchong Prima (30.07.16) (16)Apartments with a view

By mid-day, we still hadn’t scored a fish. We found a bay, with shallow water and weed beds that had many rises from small catfish (ikan keli) and possibly juvenile toman and proceeded to fish it hard. I had a brief hook-up with a small fish on a soft plastic lure and a suspected second hook-up the embedded me in the weeds. But it became obvious that this was not to be our day. In the rising heat we decided to call it early and finished up at around 1pm. An interesting place to fish and definitely worth a return visit when fishing reports indicate that the peacock bass and/or toman bite is on.

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One Response to Tasik Puchong Prima (30.07.16)

  1. aziz daud says:

    I know a guy who has been fishing this lake for years. He started off chasing Peacock Bass and has been rather successful most times. Recently he ventured into Toman territory and has landed numerous trophy sized specimens.

    If you want to find him, look up for David Patrick Juis on Facebook and take it from there. He is an unofficial authority of Tasik Puchong Prima.

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