FV Semenyih – Snakehead Skunk (17.06.16)

Flushed with optimism following my snakehead capture from the previous Sunday, I decided to make a return visit and try some new tactics. Besides the usual soft plastics on jig-heads, and shallow water plugs, I also wanted to try out soft plastic grubs fished at the surface behind a casting float:

(1) Lure rigs (17.06.16)The trusty red/white plastic grub lures & the casting float rig

Despite abundant surface rises and toman visible at the surface, I failed to elicit even one strike on any of the lures / presentations tried. I had to make do with the tranquil scenery and the realisation that the toman in this location are now battle hardened and wiley. No more easy fishing at this location, I fear.

(3) FV Toman Pond views (17.06.16)Tranquil pond with surface rises

(5) FV Toman Pond views (17.06.16)View south-east from the headland

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