Fish Valley Toman (12.06.16)

I fancied some lure fishing, and it had been six months since I last tried this venue. On my previous few visits, fishing had been very slow, and I’d only managed two snakeheads (toman) in 5 visits last year. So, it was with low optimism that I decided to give it my first try in 2016.

I arrived to near perfect conditions – slightly overcast with a light breeze. As I was rigging up a group of 3 Malaysian anglers arrived, a good sign as on past visits I’d had the place to myself, suggesting that the pond was fishing better. I clipped on a 15 gm jig head with a white/red-head plastic grub and started working the structures. On the 6th or 7th cast I had a strong strike and the fish ran straight towards a tree overhanging the bank. I managed to turn the fish away from the snag and it then made a powerful run towards the centre of the pond. “Pacu” I murmured, thinking that it must be the unseen adversary, given the power of the fight. I turned the fish back towards me and then it made another short run to my left before breaking the surface. “Toman” I exclaimed with surprise. With that, the fight was over and I brought the fish in to net. I was offered help by one of the watching anglers, but I netted the fish myself. I did ask him for help with the photographs of the fish though, a c.3kg snakehead (toman). This fish was in good condition, with only a little damage to the tail fin (unlike previous visits, when I suspect pacu had been biting the fins of the snakeheads):

(1) Snakehead (toman) (12.06.16)(2) Snakehead (toman) (12.06.16) [c]Snakehead (toman)

I was please to get an early fish under my belt. I was hoping to get a bit more action. But, despite working hard with a variety of lures, and seeing abundant evidence of toman at the surface, I got no further fish or even strikes. I worked the headland, the west and northern banks, all to no avail.

(4) Rods,reels & lures (12.06.16) [c]Examples of rigs and lures employed

Whilst at the northern bank, a snake suddenly appeared swimming towards me before veering off to the left under the overhanging bank. Interestingly, there was no evidence of pacu at the surface or no tell-tale pacu bites. Hmmm …. is that why the toman’s tail fin was intact, have the pacu been removed?!

Another change since my last visit late last year, the eastern bank has been partially filled with earth banks in on-going work – for the pond or the nearby warehouse units? How has this impacted the fishing??

(5) FV Toman Pond, view south (12.06.16)Earthworks at the eastern bank

After 3 hours of continuous casting, I decided to call it a day. I was pleased with the catch, and was encouraged to see the evidence of a healthy toman population. The trick will be finding how to entice them to strike. I will return to try again!

(7) FV Toman Pond, view south (12.06.16)

(8) FV Toman Pond, view south (12.06.16)View looking south to the headland

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