Fish Valley, Semenyih (04.03.16)

It had been almost a month since my last fishing trip, with work and travel interfering with my fishing activities. I’d enjoyed my previous trip to FV Semenyih back in early February and was keen to have another go at the feisty Rohu. Noru was interested to join me on a Friday afternoon, when, hopefully we’d have the pond to ourselves.

The plan was to surface fish bread and just fish for Rohu and any carp species that we could entice. We arrived, as expected, to an empty pond, but with a sky threatening rain. We started chumming bread and soon started to get some feeding activity going, but the takes proved difficult to connect up. After scaling down hook and bait size, we started to nail the culprits …. small, but greedy, java barb:

(1)_FV Semenyih (04.03.16)Noru and Java Barb

(2)_FV Semenyih (04.03.16)Java Barb

As the java barb catch started to mount, Noru hooked into the first different species of the session, sandwiched between java barb catches:

(3)_FV Semenyih (04.03.16)Noru with a Grass Carp

(4)_FV Semenyih (04.03.16)Java Barb close-up

Noru then upped the species count again, hooking up a very powerful fish that gave a good fight on the light tackle set-up: the target species, a good sized Rohu:

(5)_FV Semenyih (04.03.16)

(7)_FV Semenyih (04.03.16)Big Rohu

The weather now decided to take a turn for the worst and we spend the next 45 minutes or so fishing from the cover of the bamboo plants as we waited out the light rain shower. The java barb were still making a nuisance of themselves:

(10)_FV Semenyih (04.03.16)Fishing in the rain

(12)_FV Semenyih (04.03.16)Java Barb in the rain

After the rain stopped we resumed fishing in the open. Despite surface feeding activity on our bread chum-line, further fish proved elusive. Finally, Noru broke the deadlock with another new species – reasonable sized, but weak fighting, Common Carp:

(8)_FV Semenyih (04.03.16)Common Carp

Just as the session was drawing to a close, I managed to connect with a fish with a little more weight, bringing in a reasonable Grass Carp (with a deformed backbone) to end proceedings:

(13)_FV Semenyih (04.03.16)Grass Carp

We closed the session with the fading light. We’d caught a bunch of java barb, common & grass carp and a plump rohu …. a reasonable four species haul and a pleasant afternoon outdoors.


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