Natural Exotic Pond, Post 6 – Bait Testing (12.02.16)

After having my car in the workshop for the best part of two weeks, I was gently testing out the repairs. I wanted to take it on a longer drive on the motorway, and decided to head out to Rawang and back, via the Natural Exotic Pond. I also wanted to try out prawn as bait – I’d been told that it works well.

My initial plan was to once again fish Post 5 opposite the restaurant for some gratuitous Amazon Redtail Catfish catching. The best laid plans were, once again, confounded – the spot was taken already. Plan B was a switch to Post 6.

I rigged up a sliding ledger rig , pinned on a tiger prawn and cast it to the south-eastern corner of the restaurant. I then commenced to prepare my second outfit, for lure fishing. It only took a few minutes for the prawn bait to be engulfed in a ferocious strike and I was quickly at the rod battling a good sized catfish, with the familiar tug-of-war as I treid to stop the fishing reaching the legs of the restaurant. I was aided in this by my old Penn 6500ss spooled with 30lb braid. It was short but intense and I knew that I’d won when I got the fish 10m away from the structure, a c.20lbs+ Amazon Cat:

(1)_Amazon Redtail Catfish no.1 (12.02.16)

(2)_Amazon Redtail Catfish no.1 (12.02.16)

Amazon Redtail Catfish c.20lbs

I pinned on a new prawn and cast again. It wasn’t long before the second prawn was taken, this time by a smaller fish:

(4)_Amazon Redtail Catfish no.2 (12.02.16)Amazon Redtail Catfish no.2

Wow I thought, it’s before peak fishing time (usually 6.00pm+), I’m not in the best position and I’ve already scored two fish. I noticed that the anglers at Post 5 were having a quiet time. I started doing the maths  – I had over 20 prawn baits ….. that’s 20+ fish …!! But with that, the bites just stopped on prawn.

(5)_New bait (12.02.16)New bait – one of fishing’s standards

After a fishless half an hour, whilst Post 5 started to pick up fish every 10 minutes, I decided to switch bait. I also had a bucket of freshly chopped up ikan lampam that I bought from the bait pens. I finally got my third fish a full hour after the second fish …. another fat Amazon:

(6)_Amazon Redtail Catfish no.3 (12.02.16)

(8)_Amazon Redtail Catfish no.3 (12.02.16)Another fat Redtail ….

(9)_Natural Exotic Pond views (12.02.16)The view from Post no.6

I quickly followed up 15 minutes later with what proved to be my last fish of the session, a small Amazon Catfish:

(12)_Amazon Redtail Catfish no.4 (12.02.16)Fish no.4, last of the session

After that it was just relax, enjoy the sunset, and watch on as Post 5 pulled in around 20 fish between 3 anglers, in a few hours of a crazy hot bite.

(14)_Natural Exotic Pond sunset (12.02.16)

(15)_Natural Exotic Pond sunset (12.02.16)

(18)_Natural Exotic Pond sunset (12.02.16)Natural Exotic sunset, view from Post 6

Do prawn baits work? Sure. Are they better than the fresh fish bait that can be bought from the Pond? Not on the evidence of this trip.

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