Fish Valley, Semenyih (09.02.16)

It was the  Chinese New Year holidays (Gong Xi Fa Cai) and my good mate wanted to take his son, Abdullah, out fishing and to get some (relatively) fresh (relatively) country -side air. As it was CNY, options with pay-ponds were limited. however I’d heard that Fish Valley Semenyih was open so we decided to give the main (bait) pond a try. It was my first visit to this particular location in a year. Bait was bread and palm oil seeds, target species were pacu and carp.

My plan to fish in the bamboo patches on the vegetated east bank were scuppered upon arrival – it was already quite busy. we opted, instead, to fish in the relative comfort of the NE corner near the restaurant. We could park there and plastic chairs were stacked nearby.

(2)_FV Semenyih Pan (09.02.16)Fish Valley panorama #1 – view from the NE corner

(3)_FV Semenyih Pan (09.02.16)Fish Valley panorama #2 – view from the NE corner

I rigged up two rods, for me and my mate’s brother, to soak palm oil seeds for pacu. Abdullah did the same. Meanwhile, I began chumming the water directly in-front of us with bread and soon had what I thought were small fish feeding. I was hoping to attract carp an pacu close to the bank. I rigged up my cross-beat with a small float and started to fish, as the palm oil seed were not eliciting any interest.

After a couple of subtle half take, the float finally disappeared under the surface and I struck into a reasonable sized fish. The first of the day after almost two hours without anything. After a brief struggle, a decent sized copper coloured Rohu came to the net, It was in reasonable condition except that the tail fin was almost completely gone – either bitten or rotted by disease. After a quick photo, it was returned to its fate.

(4)_Rohu no.1 (09.02.16)Rohu #1

The fight of the first fish had caused all surface activity on the bread to cease foe a while, and it was a good half an hour until fish started swirling amongst the floating bread again. Whilst trying my luck with bread, my rod rigged with palm oil was nearly ripped from the bank stick. I dropped the float rod and ran over to do battle with a strong opponent that had run to the centre of the lake. After I managed to subdue the fish and bring it closer, I was thankful for the 65lb braid leader as a large pacu appeared at the net. The braid was chaffed by the fish’s teeth but had withstood the strain. A nicely conditioned 7kg fish: 

(10)_Pacu 7kg (09.02.16)

(11)_Pacu 7kg (09.02.16) [c]Pacu, 7kg

(12)_Pacu 7kg (09.02.16)Preparing for release

After releasing the pacu, I reset a palm oil bait back out into the deeper part of the lake and returned to float fishing bread  – it was almost like fishing for mullet in the docks wen I was a kid, except these fish were bigger ….. Abdullah had also, by now, started to try bread. There was sporading surface activity – swirls and splashes and big lumps of bread being sucked under the surface. But it was still slow going.

Finally, after a further hour or so, I had another good take and reacted instinctively to set the hook as the float was suddenly jerked under. This was a better fish that put up a surprisingly stubborn and strong fight. I initially suspected another big pacu, and was mildly surprised when a fat rohu came into view. Once again this fish (around 6kg+ in weight), had a badly eroded tail, but was in otherwise reasonable condition. A few quick photos and then back to the pond.

(15)_Rohu no.2 (09.02.16)

(17)_Rohu no.2 (09.02.16) [c]Big Rohu (no.2)

Video – Big Rohu (no.2)

It was, by now, getting late and the light was starting to fade. Despite a few bites, Abdullah had drawn a blank and Aky had fared no better. I was surprised that we didn’t get more action on the palm oil seed, but I was pleased with the rohu on light float gear – I will give that another go next month.

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3 Responses to Fish Valley, Semenyih (09.02.16)

  1. Michael Lee ( same name, but not the pond owner ! ) says:

    Nice catch !
    We have also been fishing in the same pond over the holidays and have also noticed that they seem to have a problem with fin rot ? The Bigheads appear to be similarly affected. If the people leave it alone without treatment, the fish are invariably going to get more stressed ?
    Funny thing, the Pacu seem to be unaffected … have they contributed to the problem by nibbling away at the fins of the more docile fellas ?

  2. Michael says:

    Yes, this is actually quite worrying as Fish Valley is one of my favorite hide outs.

    Being an experienced Koi keeper, I can confirm that fin rot is a very upsetting disease for the fish. They burn up more energy trying to do the same thing that they did before onset of the disease. This gradually leads to a fall in bite rates as the poor fellas lose their fitness and health.

    I will try to check with the pond owner to see whether anything can be done.

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