Kampung Beng, Perak (30.01.16)

I joined this trip at relatively short notice. I was enticed by the chance to lure fish for Peacock Bass and toman (snakehead) in a natural setting. We were to fish the Chenderoh Lake are of Sungai Perak – an area known as Malaysia’s mini Amazon. We travelled up to Kampung Beng near Lenggong for a homestay and then to fish with a guide set-up by Mr.Roslan, a localc angler and guide.

Sungai Perak & Chenderoh Lake locationLocation map of Chenderoh Lake on Sungai Perak & Kampung Beng

The fishing group was made up of Noru, Badrul, and a young Malaysian angler, Amiral Irfan, making his first solo venture. We travelled up late on Friday evening, finally arriving at our destination at around 3.30am in the morning. It was all a bit of a blur as I was extremely tired after having been working intensely on an important project with a tight deadline over the past few months. I managed to get four hours sleep before we awoke for breakfast and then the first of two casting sessions.

The place itself was stunning – the views were magnificent. We fished hard for the morning session, but didn’t catch anything and only had a few strikes, including missing two snakehead hits on weedless frog lures in an overgrown backwater section of the river. I was completely knackered by the lunch-break and we all, with the exception of the youngster, took a long nap before the second in the afternoon. This session was a complete blank. But, once again, the scenery was a privilege to see and be part of.

As I said, the trip was a blur to me because of my tiredness, and my story of the trip is given in the following photographs. However, Amiral has given a comprehensive write-up of the trip here:


This is a great place and I will definitely return to give it a second try sometime in the future.

Kg Beng (30.01.16) (2)

Kg Beng (30.01.16) (3)My room for the night

Kg Beng (30.01.16) (7)

View from the homestay

Kg Beng (30.01.16) (4)Some one has been here before us ….. 

Kg Beng (30.01.16) (8)

Kg Beng (30.01.16) (9)

(1)_Sg Perak dawn views (30.01.16)Dawn views of the arena

(3)_Sg Perak views (30.01.16)Departure (tackle prep ….)

Kg Beng (30.01.16) (10)Tranquility

Kg Beng (30.01.16) (12)

(4)_Sg Perak views (30.01.16)En-route to the first location

Kg Beng (30.01.16) (13)River view – Badrul at the bow

(7)_Sg Perak morning views (30.01.16)

(9)_Sg Perak morning views (30.01.16)Sungai Perak river views

(10)_Sg Perak - into the labyrinth (30.01.16)Into the labyrinth

Kg Beng (30.01.16) (15)Fishing at the first location

Kg Beng (30.01.16) (16)Sungai Perak River views #1

Kg Beng (30.01.16) (17)Sungai Perak River views #2

Kg Beng (30.01.16) (24)Sungai Perak River views #3

(14)_Chasing Toman in the weeds (30.01.16)

(13)_Chasing Toman in the weeds (30.01.16)Chasing Toman in the weed beds

(18)_Sg Perak views (30.01.16)Return to base for early pm break

Kg Beng (30.01.16) (27)Return to base for lunch & a nap – view of the accommodation

(19)_Sg Perak - into the labyrinth (30.01.16)

(22)_Sg Perak - into the labyrinth (30.01.16)Return to the labyrinth for the afternoon session

Kg Beng (30.01.16) (29)Rigs & lures

(23)_Sg Perak - into the labyrinth (30.01.16)The journey back to base

(24)_Sg Perak evening views (30.01.16)Dusk over Sungai Perak

Kg Beng (30.01.16) (31)The end of a long day

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