Natural Exotic Pond – Post 5 (15.01.16)

  • First fishing trip of 2016. Time to relax after a hectic time at work
  • Decided to hit Post 5 and soak bait, the aim was to pick up a good bag of fish and hopefully a big Amazon Redtail Catfish of two!
  • As I was to be fishing close to the restaurant structure, I came armed with a appropriate tools – Two 20lb class spinning rods, one with an Ultegra 6000 spooled with 20lb braid for spinning, the second with a Saltiga 4500 & 30lb line. I used a 50lb mono leaders. Bait was freshly chopped up small catfish, the heads were the most successful ……
  • It started of a little slow, a had a few line bites &/or dropped baits before catching the first Amazon Redtail Catfish of the session, in the rain:

(3)_Amazon Redtail [fish no.1] (15.01.16) [ed]Amazon Redtail [fish #1]

(4)_Post 5 in the rain (15.01.16) [ed]Post 5 in the rain

  • I was soon hooked-up again but got run under the restaurant structure and shredded, despite a heavy drag, by a big fish
  • I followed this up with a brace of big fish, of 24 and 25 lbs:

(7)_Amazon Redtail [fish no.2] (15.01.16) [ed]Amazon Redtail, 24lbs [fish #2]

  • The 25lb fish was caught right at my feet – I noticed a swirl in the water along the waters edge and dropped a bait on it. Fish on ….!
  • The fights were short but intense. The larger Amazon’s, particularly caught close to the restaurant, had to be quickly muscled away from structure, otherwise it was game over. A number of fish got partially under and I could feel the leader chaffing on structure.

(8)_Amazon Redtail [fish no.3] (15.01.16) [ed]Fat Amazon Redtail [fish #3]

(10)_Amazon Redtail [fish no.3] (15.01.16) [ed]

(12)_Amazon Redtail [fish no.3] (15.01.16)Big Cat, Amazon Redtail, 25lbs [fish #3]

  • Despite the rain, the fish started to come at regular interval after 6pm.

(13)_Amazon Redtail [fish no.4] (15.01.16)Fish #4

  • On Asian Redtail Catfish to mix things up. A poor fight compared to the Amazon Cats:

(14)_Asian Redtail [fish no.5] (15.01.16) [ed]Asian Redtail [fish #5]

  • A couple of smaller fish followed:

(16)_Amazon Redtail [fish no.6] (15.01.16)Fish #6

(18)_Amazon Redtail [fish no.7] (15.01.16)Fish #7

  • Then I noticed another fish prowling the water’s edge. Fishinig with the 20lb outfig, I splashed a catfish head bait on the surface a few times and then let the bait sink. It was engulfed by another 20lb+ sized fish that fought hard on the lighter gear, but I had a good head start on the distance and was just about able to stop it just short of the restaurant structure:

(20)_Amazon Redtail [fish no.8] (15.01.16) [edc]Final fish of the session, 20lbs+ [fish #8]

  • A good start to the 2016 season ….!

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