Boxing Day Baung – Fish Valley Semenyih (26.12.15)

After a bit of hiatus, and a short Xmas break to recharge my batteries, I suddenly got the urge to go lure fishing. Not many options at sort notice, but I still have fond memories of the Fish Valley Semenyih Lure (Toman) Pond. I decided to give it another chance …..

When I arrived, two anglers were already working lures in the corner of the pond. As I walked to the lake, one was posing for photos with a freshly caught toman (snakehead) which was a very encouraging sign!

(3)_FV Toman Pond (26.12.15)Anglers working the corner of the pond

I tried a wide range of lures – both surface and diving hard plugs and soft plastics. All to no avail.

(1)_FV Toman Pond (26.12.15) [c]The rigs & baits

Despite the lack of hits, there was abundant surface activity and the lake was as tranquil as ever:

(2)_FV Toman Pond (26.12.15)Lake vista

Finally, at the first of my last 5 planned casts, I got a take. A small fish that only put up a limited struggle, a small but good conditioned baung to save the trip from a skunk:

(4)_FV Toman Pond - Baung (26.12.15)

(4)_FV Toman Pond - Baung (26.12.15) [c]Baung on a soft plastic grub

The fish continues to be poor here. After their initial success, I didn’t see the other two anglers catch anything else. Either the toman here are really smart and are wise to all types of lures, or they are well fed and hard to entice on artificials. And, although stock numbers are certainly down, I still saw reasonable numbers of toman on the surface and associated feeding activity. All very frustrating ….!!

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2 Responses to Boxing Day Baung – Fish Valley Semenyih (26.12.15)

  1. Ngan Tengshin says:

    The Natural Exotic Pond in Rawang open their snakehead pond again starting today until end of March 2016. (MYR100 for 3 hours)(start at 8am), better go early.

    • Mr. Tengshin,

      I heard the pond closed early (before the end of March). Is that true or is it still open? If so, please let me know and I will visit tomorrow (Sunday 28th March) and post a review on my blog.

      Thank you.


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