NEFFP Slow Day (09.08.15)

A spur of the moment trip to the NEFFP to get some fresh air, and inspired by the alligator garfish that I’d seen caught by an adjacent angler during my last visit. I decided to start off floating live-bait, using a new float rig set-up. It proved unsuccessful – the rig kept tangling and required a number of adjustments. During one such tackle tweak, I left the livie in the water splashing at the surface whilst I shortened a the float to swivel line. After having no action in the previous hour a catfish stole this bait right under my nose. Luckily I didn’t have line around my fingers, but unfortunately there was line around one of the eyes – I broke the fish off as I tried to untangle it as the fish pulled line.

I re-rigged and started again with a live-bait. Nada.

(1)_Baitrunner & live-bait (09.08.15) [ed](2)_Float-fished live-bait (09.08.15) [c]

Baitrunner & float live-bait set-up

I persisted with this set-up for almost 2.5 hours, interspersed with a few attempts at spinning. It was completely dead. Finely, with only half an hour of fishing left, I decided to switch to cut catfish dead bait, just to avoid the dreaded skunk. I was thinking that all was lost as darkness descended, but, with 15 minutes left, I got a strike and brought in a feisty Asian Redtail Catfish. Phew – I avoided the blank!

(4)_Asian Redtail Catfish (09.08.15) [ed]Asian Redtail Catfish

I re-cast for the last 10 minutes of so, and started packing up my stuff, including throwing most of my cut-bait into the water right at the bank side in front of me. As I wound in for the last time I saw what I thought was a smallish Amazon Catfish swirl at the surface right at the bank. I free-lined my deadbait there and it was taken immediately. I flipped the bail and set the hook. The fish acted like the small fish that I thought it was, a short run and sow head jigs, but it seemed to be coming in quickly. suddenly as I was expecting it to pop up to be netted, it tore off on a powerful, sustained run towards the restaurant structure. I still though I was in control but it got closer and closer to the structure as I repeatedly tightened my drag, as much as I dared on 15lb line. Eventually, it reached structure, some 40m+ away. I tried to pressure it out but I could feel the braided line catching. Then the inevitable happened and the line popped. Damn, that was an annoying way to finish a slow session!

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