Port Dickson – Stormy Seas (30.05.15)

Noru called me at the start of the week – he’d managed to book two boats for the coming Saturday. Was I interested? Absolutely!

I had a new Shimano Sustain 4000FG to field test (part of my tackle rationalisation program – selling off older, heavier gear and downsizing to fit the type of fishing that I am more commonly doing these days)….! However, the tides meant an earlier than usual start and the weather forecast was not looking good. Hmmm.

Still, I agreed to join and was up for an early start before dawn. The mosque near my house looked spectacular as I drove past. I don’t often see it this early in the morning!

(1)_Masjid Wilayah (30.05.15) [ed]Masjid Wilayah, early morning

There were traffic delays on the way to PD, despite the early hour, due to road works. We ended up heading out late. Our party comprised two boats – me, Noru, Eddy and Azrul with Captain Pak Din; Bob, Badrul and two other anglers with Captain Halim.

The weather/sea forecast was, unfortunately not completely accurate. It was windy with rough seas, but the seas seemed worse than the 0.5m the 1/3rd wave height that was predicted. The typical wave was c.1m with large waves reaching 1.5m+. It actually took us about an hour to run offshore! It wasn’t too bad whilst we drifted but as soon as we moved we got completely drenched with spray. To make matters worse, there were no sea-birds to be seen and no pelagic surface activity!

We gave it a couple of hours, mainly jigging over the Vikram wreck area. Azrul succumbed to the seas and slept through the session. There was only one, brief, period of queenfish chasing bait at the surface, but they disappeared even before we could cast a jig at them. They never re-appeared! Noru and Eddy managed to get a couple of hits deep jigging, but neither managed to hook-up.

After a few hours, both boats decided to head in too the coastal waters of Tanjung Tuan to see if we could salvage anything from the day. We spend maybe 45 minutes jigging and casting lures in the shallows without success. The water here was calm, sheltered by the headland,  but you could see the stormy seas just beyond the point.

(5)_Teluk Kemang Bay (30.05.15) [s]The second boat, Teluk Kemang Bay

(6)_Tanjung Tuan (30.05.15) [ed](7)_Teluk Kemang Bay (30.05.15) [s]Stormy Seas & whitecaps offshore from Teluk Kemang Bay, Tanjung Tuan

(9)_Eddie at Teluk Kemang Bay (30.05.15)Eddy lure fishing, Tanjung Tuan, Teluk Kemang Bay

(4)_Tanjung Tuan & Sustain 4000FG (30.05.15)

(3)_Tanjung Tuan & Sustain 4000FG (30.05.15)Shimano Sustain 4000FG at Tanjung Tuan

With no joy in the shallows, we decided to call it early. This was the first time that I’d been to PD and there wasn’t a fish caught on the boat, although I’d personally skunked a couple of time before! I did get to give the Sustain a try, and it seems like an great piece of kit – it will be excellent on the PD queefish when I next get a shot at them.

When we got back to shore, we saw that the second boat had caught one fish …. the catch of the day! And indeed it was. Bob had caught a nice cobia whilst deep jigging,  right at the start of the session. This once again demonstrates the sport fishing potential of Port Dickson:

(11)_Bob & 13kg Cobia (30.05.15)Bob with the fish of the day – a nice 13kg Cobia

(12)_Bob & 13kg Cobia (30.05.15)Bob’s 13kg Cobia

We finished the day with barbecued chicken at “The Cowboy Place” around the corned from fishing kampong. Barbecued chicken, rice and a drink for RM12. Excellent value!

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