Fish Valley Semenyih – Lure Pond Sunset? (05.06.15)

Following the last gasp snakehead that I caught early in the afternoon on my last visit, I decided to try again. This time I wanted to try a late afternoon / early evening session.

I arrived at 3.35pm and was casting lures within 10 minutes. Contrary to the previous visit, there was absolutely no action at the headland. I tried a range of hard and soft bodied lures without so much as a strike. After 2 hrs + I decided to move to the east bank. Despite fish feeding on the carcasses of dead fish, I could not get a single strike. This was my first ever blank trip to this venue.

(3)_Fish Valley Toman Pond sunset (05.06.15) [ed]Fish Valley Semenyih lure pond at dusk

(2)_Fish Valley Toman Pond sunset (05.06.15)Sunset! Fish Valley Semenyih lure pond

The worrying numbers of dead fish floating in the water (I counted at least 5 dead fish) on this visit together with the lack of strikes is not a good sign. I the last 3 trips, me and friends have managed a total of just 3 pacu and one snakehead. This pond has definitely taken a downturn from its former glory days of abundant snakehead action. Has the sun set on this location? It certainly seems to be the case. It’s going to be hard to justify a return visit ….!

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3 Responses to Fish Valley Semenyih – Lure Pond Sunset? (05.06.15)

  1. jedi master says:

    dude, maybe you should have a go at sw jurassic pond at bagan lalang. plenty of gt, grouper and others to be had on lure. will be looking forward to your report!

    • Jedi,

      Thanks for the message. I’ve been down and had a look at the SW Jurassic Pond – it looks well set-up but the public pond was too small for my liking. I will give it a go in the group pond sometime in the near future, as it looks a bit bigger with more fishing options. I think it would have been better if they’d made one large pond.

      Just my thoughts.


  2. jedi master says:

    hey andrew, yes the big pond looks tempting. only problem is the minimum quota, hence the need to sync with buddies. been wanting to try that myself too. the owner mentioned that the fish there are somewhat less educated as well!

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