Fish Valley Semenyih – Lure Pond [Part 2] (23.05.15)

This was my second visit to FV lure pond in consecutive weekends. I wanted to see if the snakehead were still around and if the previous week’s lack of (snakehead) action was an anomaly or the new modus operandi! For this session I was joined by my son and my mate, his son Abdullah, and his brother, Akhtar. We were going to have a 3 hour early morning lure fishing session followed by a picnic style brunch courtesy of my mate.

As per the previous visit, the fishing seemed slow. Although I did get a number of tentative knocks including getting the tail snipped off one of my soft plastic lures. I suspected a snakehead, but didn’t get any hits worthy of a hook-up. My son, Ceri, Abdullah and Aki were also not faring well. It was extremely slow going. After a couple of hours I decided to move to the east bank.

As I arrived, the feeding truck arrived and dumped a sack of fish feed in the water. I beckoned Abdullah and Ceri to come over. They arrived just as a feeding frenzy ensued. Abdullah started pulling a red/white soft plastic grub lure through the melee. Within a few minutes he was hooked-up to a powerful fish. After two or three powerful runs a Abdullah steered a good sized pacu to the net – a new species for him: 

(1)_Abdullah's Pacu (23.05.15) [ed]Abdullah’s first ever Pacu, c.4kg

(2)_Abdullah's Pacu (23.05.15) [ed]

(5)_Abdullah's Pacu (23.05.15) [ed]Abdullah with his Pacu

After Abdullah’s fish, both he and I continued to work soft plastic through the area but without any further action. I switched to hard bodied diving plugs and eventually got a tentative strike that failed to hook up – my lure came back with a few teeth marks near the tail. The snakehead are still here, but seem to be getting extremely cautious and shy of lures.

We continued on at the east bank until our three hours were up. Ceri had give-up fishing and was waiting hungrily for his breakfast! Me and Abdullah headed back to a delicious Pakistani spread of curried potatoes, eggs and onions, arabic flat bread, pakistani flat bread and home-made homous. All washed down with excellent cinnamon spiced tea. It was delicious.

(6)_Pakistani style breakfast (23.05.15)

(7)_Pakistani style breakfast (23.05.15) [ed]Pakistani style breakfast (or rather, brunch) with the Khans

After  a leisurely brunch it was now well past mid-day and time to head home. I picked up the first rod, rigged with a red/white grub lure, ready to tackle down and on impulse made a cast out into the west side of the pond. I felt a tentative knock so sprayed a few more casts between the FAD structures that dot the pond. On about my fifth, and last, cast I got a good strike and hooked-up a lively fish that jigged and made short runs in the shallow water. Finally, a snakehead. A last chance fish!

(8)_Snakehead (23.05.15) [ed]Hooked-up on the last, speculative, cast of the day ….!!

(11)_Snakehead (23.05.15)Abdullah does the honours

(12)_Snakehead (23.05.15)

(13)_Snakehead (23.05.15) [z]Last chance Snakehead ….!

I was very pleased to catch this fish. I think that if I’d blanked on this session I probably wouldn’t return here again, at least not until I hear some positive news from the place. But this catch has inspired me to give it another try (because I like fishing this place – it seems very natural for a pay pond). I think that I will return soon for an afternoon session!

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