Fish Valley Semenyih – Lure Pond (16.05.15)

This trip was an early morning return visit to the Fish Valley Toman lure fishing pond. I had a number of objectives for this trip:

  1. To try out my new light-weight freshwater reel – Shinano Stradic 3000FJ
  2. To see how the toman pond was fairing one year on since opening
  3. To get some sun on my back and do a few hours lure fishing

I awoke bleary eyed and tired after a long week, but was out of the house and on the road by 6.35am. I arrived at the pond by 7.25am and rigged up – I was fishing with 2x 4-10lb class Diawa Crossbeat rods, one paired with a Biomaster 4000FB for slow retrieving soft plastics, the other with the Stradic 3000FJ fast retrieve reel for hard bodied lures (at least, that was the initial plan).

(2)_The freshwater weaponry (16.05.15) [ed]The weaponry for the day: Daiwa Crossbeat rods armed with Biomaster 4000FB & Stradic 3000FJ

Fish Valley Semenyih - Toman PondLocation map of the FV Semenyih toman lure fishing pond

I started off fishing the “headland” (see map above), and sent my first lure into the water by 7.40am. I was the only angler – it was like fishing in my own private pond! There was lots of surface activity, and I started off on the Stradic fishing poppers and pencil surface lures. No joy! After about 45 minutes, I swapped to my second outfit and started pulling soft plastics. Still no joy. It continued in this vein for an around hour and a half – I tried a variety of soft plastic and hard lures, switching between my outfits. Slow retrieve, fast retrieve, all with no joy! The surface activity also started to slow as both the sun an temperature rose.

I decided to move to the east ban area – there was still a little shade and still some sporadic surface activity in the swims. I started working the area, including casting to toman that I occasionally saw at the surface. After about 20 minutes, and starting to ponder the possibility of my first blank at this location,  I took a bit strike on a red and white soft plastic. After a short, but powerful struggle, a good sized pacu of around 8lbs came to the net:

(3)_Pacu no.1 (16.05.15) [ed]Pacu #1 

After this success, I was determined to get a fish on the new Stradic. I rigged this up with the same successful soft plastic and continued fishing. No joy! I then switched to other soft plastic patterns and colours that had proved successful in the past, but still couldn’t get a bite.

I returned to the Biomaster, and put on a heavier jig-head to get more casting distance and started to work the NE corner of the pond. Boom, I got another strike on the red-white combo. This time it came unbuttoned after a few seconds ….!

It was now around 10am and I only had about 40 minutes fishing time left. Then, a truck drove by and I realised that it was feeding time. After the truck dumped a bin of feed in the pond, a feeding frenzy erupted – mainly pacu but also some patin and the odd toman were in the mix, together with lots of smaller fish. Surface activity radiated out from the area. I redoubled my efforts with the Stradic, working the red-whire soft plastic through the area.

I was soon getting hits. First I got a strike than jerked the rod and then went light – I brought in my jig minus the tail …. still, this pattern was definitely the one today:

(5)_Bitten off soft plastic lure (16.05.15) [edc]The successful lure pattern – minus a snipped off tail

I though that this was a toman strike, so I quickly re-rigged with the same pattern and continued working the NE corner. I was hooked-up almost immediately by a fish that hit right by the bank. Unfortunately this one also came off within a few seconds. The lure was undamaged though. I then saw a big fish rise about 30m to my left. I cast right on the spot of the surface ripple and got a good strike. The fish fought deep and strong and I suspected a pacu. A few minutes later, after giving the new Stradic’s drag a burn and negotiating the fish around a wooden stake protruding from the pond, another good sized pacu was on the bank:

(6)_Pacu no.2 (16.05.15)

(8)_Pacu no.2 (16.05.15)Pacu #2

A glance at my watch showed it to be 10.40am. My 3 hours were up. A slow session that was rescued by the pacu. This was my first visit here without a toman! This place is nice to fish, but the toman action certainly seems to have slowed down – are they more wary or are numbers down due to angling related mortality? Most likely it is a combination of both. However, it’s still a good place to fish and I will be back again to try for a toman.

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