Fish Valley Semenyih – Thaipusam Holiday (03.02.15)

Jon and I decided to use the Thaipusam to hit FV Semenyih’s main pond. Jon wanted to target Pacu, whilst I wanted to try a continuation of my floating bread/bun technique from the previous visit here.

I arrived at 8.30am, only to find our planned spot on the east bank, in the bamboo thicket, already taken. Damn!

I moved further along the bank and was in the process of rigging-up when Jon arrived. I started chumming the surface of the water with bread and soon had some feeding activity going on. I cast-out my bread offering and waited ….. and waited. It was slow going with only small fish feeding on the surface.

Meanwhile, Jon was ledgering palm oil seed, all to no avail. It was frustratingly slow, a fact made worse by the fact that the people in our preferred spot appeared to be getting regular strikes and were landing some decent fish.

I got a couple of takes on both bread and bun baits but nothing hooked-up. Finally, just as I picked up my rod to re-check my bait I was suddenly hooked up to a nice fish that I duly landed after a short, but spirited, fight. A nice Pacu of 8lbs.

It then returned to a dull slowness. I tried switching baits to both floated and ledgered palm oil seed and floated tempeh, all to no avail. The tempeh (which got me some fish a few years ago at Tow Foo Pond) proved particularly disappointing.

Finally, Jon gave up with the non-productive palm oil and switched to spinning a small white Berkley plastic grub on a 10gm lead jig head. After about half an hour, and one missed hit, he hooked0up a decent fish. After a decent fight a beautifully copper-coloured Rohu came to the net, a nice 14lb fish. Unfortunately it didn’t count (as Jon was quick to point out for my Mekong Catfish on our previous trip) as it was foul-hooked in the fin. The fish seemd to be in good condition, except for a badly eroded tail fin.

It was now past 1pm, the clouds had dispersed and the sun was out in full force. Time to retreat to the restaurant for some food and a couple of cold Tigers before the long drive home.


Pacu [03.02.15] (2)Pacu, 8lbs

Rohu [03.02.15] (3)Rohu, 14lbs

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