Return to Semenyih Toman Pond (25.01.15)

  • This was my first time back at the Toman Pond since August 2014. Things had slowed down since it official opening in May of that year. So I was keen to see how it was going to fish, and it was with some trepidation that I arrived at the place just before 3pm in the afternoon.
  • First cast and I was into a fish on a soft plastic lure ….. great! I thought that may be the place had been only fished lightly for the past few months and that the bite was back on …..
  • Wrong! That was my only snakehead of the session, and my only snakehead strike. I tried a variety of soft plastics, diving plugs and surface poppers.

(1)_Toman (25.01.15)(3)_Toman (25.01.15)Toman (Snakehead) on soft plastic lure

  • I managed a small Baung on a small jig-head with a white grub tail:

(4)_Baung (25.01.15)Baung

  • I then switched to some diving plugs and poppers. Finally, I selected a new (and expensive) 27g Jackson Pintail lure. It casted like a dream & I had to be careful not to get it snagged on the FADS.
  • I soon took a good strike on it, a good fish that put a good bend in my Daiwa Crossbeat. As I manouvered the fish in it got snagged on the bamboo “pilings” that can be seen in the following picture.
  • I tried to pressure the fish out, no joy. I tried free-lining the fish to get it to swim out … nope. I didn’t want to break the fish off and leave it snagged and I certainly didn’t want to lose the new lure …!! Finally I had to wade in to waist deep water, change the angle on the fish and managed to get it out, only for it to get snagged on the same structure closer to the bank! It wasn’t the expected snakehead, but a decent sized Pacu instead.
  • I used the landing net to tease the fish out of the second snag and quickly got it to the bank:

(9)_Pacu (25.01.15)Pacu taken on 27g orange & gold Jackson Pintail lure

  • That excitement was the last action of the day. I tried the eastern bank but had no joy.. I was dismayed to see two rotting carcasses of large snakehead in the pond margins. Is this the end of the good fishing at this pond? I’ll give it an early morning session in the coming months to see. Stay tuned!
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