Rohu! NEFFP (16.01.15)

  • My second visit to the NEFFP, once again in search of a Mekong Catfish. I was joined by Noru, who had brought the secret bait, mixed by his friend Mahfuz (the only person to know the secret ingredients). This bait had been tried and tested, and proved to be very successful on a number of recent visits to the NEFFP, as described here:

  • We baited up a spring and hook rig with the secret concoction of Matsumoto pellets mixed with ground bait and some kind of sweet flavouring and cast out. We first made some ground-baiting casts using the spring only, and then started fishing. We had fish activity in the swim almost immediately. Noru was soon into his first fish, a nice Rohu:

(2)_Noru - Rohu (16.01.15)Noru with the first fish (Rohu) of the session

  • Noru followed this up with a second Rohu in quick succession:

(3)_Noru - Rohu (16.01.15)

(4)_Noru - Rohu (16.01.15)Second Rohu, again on the Matsumoto pellet & secret ingredient mix bait

  • The secret bait was working well! Here’s an example of the rig:

(6)_Bait Spring (16.01.15)The bait-spring rig

  • And baited up with the secret formula:

(7)_Secret bait (16.01.15)Baited with the Matsumoto secret mix

  • Finally, after changing rigs to a smaller hook size, I got my first hit. I was fishing medium-heavy tackle hoping for a Mekong, and this strike was powerful. But it turned out to be a c.10lb (c.5 kg) Rohu, a new species for me:

(10)_My first Rohu (16.01.15)My first ever Rohu (and first fish of the day)

  • Meanwhile, Noru was racking-up his catch count, with more Rohu coming to the net:

(11)_Noru - Rohu (16.01.15)

(12)_Noru - Rohu (16.01.15)Another plump Rohu

(13)_Noru - Rohu (16.01.15)Comes to the net 

(14)_Noru - Rohu (16.01.15)Noru putting a good score together

  • In addition to Rohu, Noru was also picking up predatory catfish, with both Asian and Amazon Retails succumbing to the secret bait:

(16)_Noru - Asian Catfish_8kg (16.01.15)The magic bait works on Asian Redtail Catfish …..

(18)_Noru fighting Amazon Catfish (16.01.15)

(21)_Noru - Amazon Catfish (16.01.15)and Amazon Redtails ….!!

  • Finally, as the session drew to a close and darkness descended, I got my second fish. This time, the strike was timid and the fish didn’t wake-up until near the bankside, where it made a couple of short but strong runs. This was the biggest Rohu of the day, at a shade over 7kg.

(22)_Fighting a Rohu (16.01.15)I salvage my session, as time runs out

(26)_Rohu 7kg (16.01.15)with a nice 7kg Rohu

  • Noru wrapped-up his session with another Rohu. He finished up with c.8 Rohu and the two catfish.

(28)_Noru - Rohu (16.01.15)Another Rohu for Noru to round of the session

  • My quest for a legal Mekong Catfish continues ….!!
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4 Responses to Rohu! NEFFP (16.01.15)

  1. frozenpig says:

    I always hunt for Mekong Catfish. If you really look for real fight you may try to email me. I can show u some nice place to get Mekong.

  2. Mahfudz MN says:

    Hi Andrew,

    Last I went to Exotic was on 1st of March going for Mekong. We went 5 anglers strong and this time my rod failed to attract any Mekong catfish. The others who were using the bait caught a total of 4 Mekongs which made it a record of some sort of Mekong landed in a single session. Mekongs prefer cooler temperature, a perfect example was the time I went with Noru when it was pouring the whole day. Other suitable times, given the ambient temp nowadays should be to start around midnight or early morning around 5-6 am perhaps. I’ve gone past the temptations to lure the Mekongs again but will not pass if you wanna go for it. Let’s have another go!


    • Hi Mahfudz,

      I read Noru’s posts on your trips together – outstanding results! I’m keen to have another, proper crack at the Mekong there. Let me know when you plan to go and maybe me and Noru can join you. Thanks for the information & thanks for reading the Blog.


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