Images of Japan (Dec. 2014 – Jan. 2015)

No fishing for  a while – I just went on my annual winter holiday to Japan. However, it is a culture in which fish play an important role. And they do make excellent fishing tackle …!! It’s a very interesting and pleasant place – polite people, great food and culturally fascinating. Let me share some images of Japan:

Tsukiji Market Area –  Fish Town

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to visit the market itself (the tuna auction area is shut over the December – January period, because it is a very busy time of year). But my wife’s apartment is very close, so I’ll definitely visit next time. anyway, we did sample some excellent sushi in the local restaurants ….!

Tokyo_Tsukiji Area (17.12.14) (1)Tsukiji Market map

Tokyo_Tsukiji Area (17.12.14) (4)

Tokyo_Tsukiji Area (17.12.14) (5)

Tokyo_Tsukiji Area (17.12.14) (6)

Tokyo_Tsukiji Area (17.12.14) (7)

Tokyo_Tsukiji Area (17.12.14) (8)

Tokyo_Tsukiji Area (17.12.14) (9)Tsukiji sushi fiesta ….

Tokyo_Tsukiji Area (17.12.14) (11)

Tokyo_Tsukiji Area (17.12.14) (12)…. at Tsukiji Sushizanmai restaurant

Tokyo_Tsukiji Area (17.12.14) (13)Fish stalls outside the main market

Tokyo_Tsukiji Area (17.12.14) (14)Big Bluefin Tuna head

Tokyo_Tsukiji Area (17.12.14) (17)

Tokyo_Tsukiji Area (17.12.14) (18)

Tokyo_Tsukiji Area (17.12.14) (19)Tuna are culturally significant!

Tokyo_Tsukijihonganji (17.12.14)Tsukiji Honganji (Temple)


The wife has recently purchased an apartment in this area. It’s very pleasant and interesting. It’s near the seafront (minato actually means harbour in Japanese).

Tokyo_Minato-ku (Dec. 2014) (5)View from the apartment

Tokyo_Minato-ku (Dec. 2014) (14)Night-view from the apartment building

Tokyo_Minato-ku (Dec. 2014) (3)

CG_Tokyo_Minato-ku (Dec. 2014) (5)Christmas decoration light-show

Tokyo_Minato-ku (Dec. 2014) (15)

Tokyo_Minato-ku (Dec. 2014) (16)Views of the waterfront and park

Tokyo_Minato-ku (Dec. 2014) (17)and of course, more fish (sashimi) ….

Tokyo_Minato-ku (Dec. 2014) (18)

Sion with a cardboard cut-out of the owner of Sushizanmai with the infamous $1,000,000 New Years Day Bluefin tuna 

Tokyo_Zojo-ji Temple (Dec. 2014) (6)

Tokyo_Zojo-ji Temple (Dec. 2014) (7)Zojo-ji (Temple)

Tokyo Tower (31.1214) (2)Tokyo Tower

Tokyo_Minato-ku (Dec. 2014) (31)

Tokyo_Minato-ku (Dec. 2014) (36)Views of Minato-ku looking south from Tokyo Tower 

Tokyo_Minato-ku (04.01.15) (3)

Tokyo_Minato-ku (04.01.15) (8)Sunset and Mount Fuji

Furano, Hokkaido

Our annual family skiing trip to Hokkaido. This year we skied at Furano:

CG_Hokkaido_Furano (Dec. 2014) (9)Winter scenery

(8)_Furano (26.12.14)

(12)_Furano (26.12.14)Skiing scenery

CG_Hokkaido_Furano (Dec. 2014) (13)Sion & Ceri, Furano town and a distant volcano in the background

Hokkaido_Furano (27.12.14) (2) [ed]Ceri, Sion & me, Furano (27.12.14)

Hokkaido_Furano (27.12.14) (1)Ceri, me & Mako, Furano (27.12.14)

Hokkaido_Furano (Dec. 2014) (7)

Hokkaido_Furano (Dec. 2014) (19)Harshly beautiful 


Images of some famous temples & shrines from Koutou-ku.

Tokyo_Fukagawafudouson (30.12.14) (1)Carved stone adjacent to Fukagawa Fudoson 

Tokyo_Fukagawafudouson (30.12.14) (4)

Tokyo_Fukagawafudouson (30.12.14) (6)

Tokyo_Fukagawafudouson (30.12.14) (14)

Tokyo_Fukagawafudouson (30.12.14) (15)Fukagawa Fudoson (Temple) & scenes

Tokyo_Tomiokahachimangu Shrine(30.12.14) (17)Tomioka Hachimangu Shrine


My wife’s home district. We’ve been coming to the local shrine (Okinojinja) New Year’s Eve for more years than I can remember. The whole community queues up to visit, pray, make wishes for the coming year, and then drink a saucer of hot saki, a bamboo cup of cold saki, hot soup and to receive a charm and an orange! It’s a charming tradition – and seems to have some parallels with Chinese New Year celebrations.

CG_Tokyo_Adachi-ku (Dec. 2014) (2)Sion pondering the coming year …..

CG_Tokyo_Adachi-ku (Dec. 2014) (5) [ed]Ceri, with the shrine gate-way in the back ground and the gathering crowd

Tokyo_Adach-ku (31.12.14) (3)Stone lantern


Finally, the last family meal before Sion returned to the UK. sushi, of course ….!

Tokyo_Sushi Zanmai Ueno (03.01 (1)

Tokyo_Sushi Zanmai Ueno (03.01 (2)Sushi! Sushizanmai, Ueno, Tokyo (03.01.15)

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