Big Mekong Catfish – NEFFP (10.01.15)

  • This was my first, eagerly anticipated, fishing trip of 2015, fishing with Jon Wood.
  • My aim was to alternate between bait fishing, with pellets, to try and catch a legitimate Mekong Catfish; and lure fishing for predators. I was renewing my efforts for a legal Mekong after the recent success of my mate Noru during December:

  • Jon decided to bait-fish with fish baits for predatory catfish, and was soon into a nice Amazon Redtail Catfish:

(2)_Jon's Amazon Catfish no.1  (10.01.15)Jon’s first Amazon Redtail Catfish

  • I started out with lures, and, after a few hesitant takes, finally scored an Asian Redtail Catfish:

(3)_Asian Redtail Catfish on soft plastic (10.01.15)

(4)_Asian Redtail Catfish on soft plastic (10.01.15)Asian Redtail Catfish on soft plastic lure

(6)_Asian Redtail Catfish on soft plastic (10.01.15)Returned to the pond

  • with a fish in the bag, I switched my attention to the trying for a Mekong. It was slow going, nothing was interested in the pellet bait.
  • The fish bait was also not producing much. Finally, as the afternoon wore on, Jon finally got a take and landed his second fish, another Amazon:

(7)_Jon's Amazon Catfish no.2 (10.01.15)Jon fighting Amazon Cat no.2

(11)_Jon's Amazon Catfish no.2 (10.01.15)A typical sized amazon Catfish from the Natural Exotic Pond

  • Jon followed this up with another good take, close to the bank in-front of Post 6. This fish ran right across to the far bank, near the walk-way to the restaurant. Unfortunately, the hook pulled on what was obviously a big fish.
  • I was still having no joy on the pellets, so returned to lure fishing. After a few hesitant hits, I set the hook on a good fish. Strong and powerful, this was obviously a good sized beast. But from the flow fight, and the action of the line in the water, I suspected that I’d foul hooked something, probably a Mekong. I tightened the drag and worked the fish hard on a medium spinning rod & 15lb line. After about 10 minutes, my suspicions were confirmed as a c.30kg+ sized Mekong came to the net. Foul hooked in the pectoral fin:

(14)_Fighting big Mekong Catfish (10.01.15)Fighting a big Mekong Catfish on light tackle

(17)_Mekong Catfish c.30kg (10.01.15)Mekong Catfish c.30kg +

  • Jon finished off the session with another Amazon Catfish. It was a slow session, by NEFFP standards, but a reasonable start to 2015!

(19)_Jon's Amazon Catfish no.3 (10.01.15)Jon with his 3rd, and final, fish of the session

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