Kolam Saujana d’Rimba (06.12.14)

I was looking forward to this trip with a lot of expectation. I had been told on good authority that the place was good for catching Patin, a key native Malaysian species on my to catch Bucket List. And we knew the magic bait – chicken nuggets (I kid you not). So, it was with much anticipation that I set off from Sri Hartamas, in a heavy thunder storm at 7.00am on a Saturday morning to meet up with Jon and Noru in Semenyih. The local knowledge was supplied by Shamin and Nash, but unfortunately they had to pull out of the trip at the last moment.

We rendezvoused at the entrance to the pond, in appalling weather – it was raining heavily, and red-brown, sediment laden flood-water was causing localised flooding and turning the road into a torrent in places. The sky was also thick with dark clouds – it wasn’t looking good for fishing! We had to wait for the rain to abate before the pond-keeper arrived to open the gates and let us in along the sodden, rutted, muddy track to the pond:

Saujana d'Rimba entrance track (06.12.14)Entering Kolam Saujana d’Rimba in heavy rain

Kolam Saujana d'Rimba signpost (06.12.14)The signpost, enticing …..!

After navigating the route in, we had to wait for about half an hour until the rain eased enough for us to get our gear from the cars and commence fishing. The location comprised two ponds – a smaller, sediment stained elongate pond and a slightly larger, rectangular pond. We opted to fish the larger water. We were well armed with bread, burger buns, coconut flavoured buns, chicken nuggets and palm oil seeds. However, it was still raining and there was very little surface activity evident in the main pond.

We started fishing, with a variety of baits – both floated, free lined and ledgered. But it was slow going. As the rain eased, a few rises started to appear. We started getting tentative knocks, mainly on bottom fished baits. floated bread was useless – it was immediately attached by ravenous packs of tiny fish, although I managed to catch one for the first (and only fish landed of the day) …..

Saujana d'Rimba fishTiny bread thief – is this a Patin fry?

Finally, after around two hours, I got a good strike and the first hook-up on float-fished double palm oil seeds. After a good run, I turned the fish and started working it towards me when I felt the line part – I’d been bitten off. And that was the last action that I had for the session!

(3)_Kolam Saujana d'Rimba (06.12.14)

(4)_Kolam Saujana d'Rimba (06.12.14)Kolam Saujana d’Rimba – view of the main pond

Noru started to get more convincing bites, and hooked a succession of fish, mainly on palm oil but also on nuggets. The first two fish were also bite-offs. He followed my lead and changed from fluro to 40lb braid leader on one of his outfits and then promptly pulled the hook on his third fish! He finished up with two more fish, again pacu, and again both biting through the leader! Jon, on the other hand, was getting no love at all, and finished up without a bite. We all ended up fishless, making for a frustrating session. The other thing is that the majority of the bites came on palm oil seed – the chicken nuggets just didn’t produce to the same degree. I even tried live-baiting with small fish, all to no avail. I don’t know why the bite was so slow or the Patin failed to materialise, but that’s fishing I suppose.

(5)_Kolam Saujana d'Rimba (06.12.14)Noru waiting for a bite

We need Shamin to show us how to fish this place ….!

Noru had to return home after the session. Jon and I headed over to Fish Valley for lunch and to recce the Toman Pond in anticipation of the first trip of 2015 ……!!

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