Fish Valley Semenyih (14.11.14)

I haven’t been fishing for a few weeks now, so I decided to take advantage of my Friday afternoon off (why don’t I do this more often ……??!!), and head south to fish the main pond at Fish Valley Semenyih with Jon Wood. Noru also planned to join us later in the afternoon and give us some advice on how best to fish this location. I was planning to try a new technique, following Noru’s recent experience, to fish buns and bread on the surface. On a recent trip to the UK, I’d picked up some bomb floats, and I thought that these would be ideal to cast out floating bread baits some distance from the bank on heavier gear – I was hoping to catch Patin or even a Mekong catfish, so figured I would need at least my 6-16lb Xzoga rod and 15lb line. I’d also brought my 4-10lb class Daiwa Crossbeat – this could be used to free-line buns or palm oil seeds for Pacu. Jon had brought his trusty Shimano bait-runner reel paired with a Penn spinning rod. His target was to catch a Pacu. We were armed with bread, hamburger buns, coconut and butter flavoured buns, palm oil seeds, pellets and luncheon meat ….. how could we fail …?!

(13)_Fish Valley Semenyih (14.11.14)Fish Valley Semenyih

However, it is the start of monsoon season here in Peninsular Malaysia and, despite the weather forecast for only a chance of light rain, a few spots of rain turned into a full-on deluge just as we arrived at 2.45pm. After sitting in the car for 30 minutes, watching large fish periodically breach in the lake, we decided to find some cover, rig up and be ready to fish. Noru turned up to find us still not fishing, and in the process of rigging up. Meanwhile the rain had started to ease so we decided to head off and fish. Noru had only come to watch, as his reel was being repaired, but I persuaded him to take one of my rods and join us for a fishing frenzy ….!!

We got to our location on the north side of the main lake, on a steep bank in amongst some bamboo thickets. Jon cast a palm oil seed out into the middle of the lake; I, on the other hand cast my bomb-float (20gm clear plastic) out with a whole hamburger bun rigged on a circle hook with an elastic band on 30lb fluorocarbon leader (fluorocarbon – my lesson from the previous months expedition to Thye Fishing Village ….). Noru had already started chumming the surface with slices of white bread and fish were already rising to the bait.  Within 10 minutes, Jon’s bait-runner drag started screaming and he set the hook on a decent Pacu which he duly landed after a spirited fight – a nice 12lb fish – mission accomplished!

(1)_Jon's Pacu [12lb] (14.11.14)

(2)_Jon's Pacu [12lb] (14.11.14)Jon’s first ever Pacu, 12lb, with a nice view of the lake behind

Jon was ecstatic with his catch and started being a cheeky chappy, with me and Noru still to break our ducks. It was my turn next – after dropping a small fish on my bread bait, I saw a swirl and my bait disappear and tightened into s smallish Pacu. It was good to get  success on the new rig technique:

(3)_Pacu no.1 (14.11.14)

(5)_Pacu no.1 (14.11.14)My first Pacu and first fish on a floating bun

I quickly followed this up with another fish, this time a small Java Barb, a new species for me:

(7)_Java Barb (14.11.14)Java Barb

Jon was now starting to change the rules of the game – it was weight, not fish number now. Whilst the smack-talk continued, Jon got another good take on palm oil. He set the hook, but, after a brief fight the line went slack. When he reeled in he’d lost his hook – palm oil seed bait plus a bite-off = pacu. Despite using braid, he’d been bitten off. Circle hooks and heavier leader are the way to go for pacu.

It was my turn again next. Another swirl under my bait and another good take. This fish didn’t take much line but put up stubborn resistance, with a number of short runs and doggedly staying out of reach of the net. It showed at the surface a number of times and showed itself to be a decent carp. Once landed, it was a Grass Carp of 12lbs. The fish looked strange though, and seemed to be a bit deformed, especially the head:

(12)_Grass Carp [12lb] (14.11.14)Grass Carp, 12lbs

After a 20 minute lull a big fish engulfed my floating bun and I again wound down into a good fish. I was hoping for a patin, but after a stubborn fight, another pacu came to the net. This was a big fish, that pulled the spring balance down to 16lbs (c.7.3kg):

(14)_Pacu no.2 [16lb] (14.11.14) [ed]My second Pacu, 16lbs

You can see Jon at the back of the picture saluting my catch:

(15)_Pacu no.2 [16lb] (14.11.14)Jon acknowledging my Pacu catch

 After a quite period during a light rain-shower, fish started hitting the bread at the surface again. Noru had had a quite time all session, with only a couple of half-hearted bites to show for his time. He now switched to 30lb fluorocarbon leader and re-tried floating bun baits. He was soon in with a pacu and quickly followed this up with another before he had to call it a day and head home at 6.30pm:

(16)_Noru - Pacu no.1 (14.11.14)Noru’s first Pacu

(18)_Noru - Pacu no.2 (14.11.14) [ed]Noru’s second Pacu

Jon and I fished on for another half an hour, but it was quiet and we had no further catches. We ended the session with a quick cold Tiger before I had to head back through the Friday evening traffic to home. It was an excellent session – Jon had got his Pacu and I had successfully tried my new technique. And the evidence in favour of fluorocarbon leader is building. However, I still have to get a Patin …..!!

Oh, and it seems that a fishing competition has started between me and Jon. I like competition, bring it on ….. ha ha!

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7 Responses to Fish Valley Semenyih (14.11.14)

  1. Michael Lee says:

    Hi Andrew – have been following your blog for quite a while. Natural Exotic is also a favorite of mine and you make delightful reading whenever I am not able to make it myself.
    From the pictures, this one is the ” Big Fish ” pond in Fish Valley ? … the one with the Pure Fishing clubhouse in the background ?
    Michael Lee.

    • Michael,

      Thanks for reading & enjoying the blog. It’s the main pond (I guess the “Big Fish” pond), with the restaurant & car back behind (past the restaurant and main car park) – it’s RM30 to fish (for half a day, I think). I’ve not noticed the Pure Fishing clubhouse though.


  2. Michael Lee says:

    If I am not mistaken, that’s the clubhouse in the background of the picture of Jon and his 12 lb pacu – the other ponds being the ” Toman ” pond and the ” Six ringgit ” pond.
    Being semi retired for the past 10 years, I now have a decent amount of time for fishing – something that I have been ” on and off ” for the past 30 years or so.
    Maybe we can catch up sometime. My fishing crazy nephew from Boston is back in December and he normally spends the night with me so that we can hit Natural exotic at his favorite time – 4 am !!!
    Michael Lee.

  3. Amir says:

    Hi Andrew, been a silent reader of your blog for some time. Just wondering, have you ever been to Pulau Jarak for fishing? It’s near the Pangkor area in Perak. Fishing activities mainly involve jigging, popping and casting for pelagics and demersals. Famous for its abundance of GTs and Snappers! My next question will be…are you game for one any time soon? Because I’m trying to cook up something interesting here hehehe. Just tell me what you think alright! Btw, keep up the good work with the blog.


    • Amir,
      Thanks for the comments and for reading the blog. I’ve never been to Palau Jarak but I have read about it – it looks like it has great potential. I would like to give it a try sometime in the future, when I get some free time.


  4. Chris says:

    Hi Andrew, I really enjoy reading your nice and very informative website. I need your advice, how do you present the palm oil seed bait? And also, what type of hooks and the size do you use at Fish Valley? I plan to go there soon and sure hope that i would not go home empty handed.

    Again, nice work with the blog


    • Chris,

      I just fish it whole on a circle hook, just hooked through the end with the point exposed. I also score the seed with a knife to release oil into the water. But they only seem to work for Pacu, other species don’t seem interested (they are like candy for big Pacu though ……).

      Good luck


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