Lure fishing at the NEFFP (05.10.14)

Another visit to the NEFFP! This time with my son Ceri. The aim was to get out of the house, get some fresh air and catch some fish on lures. The story of the trip is told in pictures:

(1)_Ceri - Asian Catfish no.1

(3)_Ceri - Asian Catfish no.1 [ed]Ceri fighting the first fish of the day

(4)_Ceri - Asian Catfish no.1 [ed]Asian Redtail Catfish no.1

(7)_Ceri - Asian Catfish no.2 (c.8kg)

(9)_Ceri - Asian Catfish no.2 (c.8kg)Second fish of the day – Asian Redtail Catfish, c.8kg 

(11)_Asian Catfish no.3 (8kg)

(12)_Asian Catfish no.3 (8kg) [ed]My first of the day – Asian Redtail Catfish, 8kg.

(14)_Asian Catfish no.4 [ed]Fighting my second fish …..

(19)_Asian Catfish no.4Another Asian Cat

(21)_Asian Catfish no.5 [ed, crop]Another fish on the (unfortunately named) Xzoga Seiryuu Shitenno spinning rod 

(26)_Asian Catfish no.5 [ed]Asian Redtail Catfish, once again!

(29)_Amazon Redtail Catfish (9kg)

(31)_Amazon Redtail Catfish (9kg)Final fish of the session – 9kg (20lb) Amazon Redtail Catfish taken on 4-10lb class Diawa Crossbeat spinning rod

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2 Responses to Lure fishing at the NEFFP (05.10.14)

  1. Joel says:

    Hi Andrew,
    Could i know what bait you used? and if you have tips for someone going there for the first time?
    any advice is much appreciated 🙂

    • Joel,

      For this trip I used lures only – soft plastic lures work best here (for lure fishing), with a jig head or small bullet weight to keep the bait near the bottom. slow retrieve with pauses (stop-start) seem to work best here. I use paddle tail & curl-tailed lures. I’ve had fish with white, black, yellow/green, blue/green, red/black, white/red – they all work here.

      When I’m bait fishing I usually buy live-baits at the NEFFP – they sell a range of live-bait which can be fish live or dead. Oily sea fish, such as scad and small mackerel baits also do well here. Other people also use chicken livers and guts – it works but is horrible to use! One thing that (surprisingly) didn’t seem to work when I tried it was squid!!

      Good luck.


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