Saturday afternoon Snakehead, Semenyih (23.08.14)

My first visit to Fish Valley for about a month – for this trip I’d arranged to meet Jon Wood, a new arrival in Malaysia who had contacted me via my blog and was keen to try out the various fishing options available in Malaysia. We’d agreed to meet up at FV to fish for Snakehead (Toman). The trip got off to a bad start when I got caught up in unusually bad traffic (maybe normally for a Saturday afternoon …..??) and the usual 40 minute journey took me 1 hour and 15 minutes!

After arriving late, I quickly rigged up two rods and headed out to the pond. It was quiet and I spotted Jon on the west side of the pond – easy to recognise as there were only two anglers at the pond and one was a young kid and Jon was the only matsaleh …..!! After exchanging formal greetings and pleasantries I got down to fishing. I was soon hooked-up to my first snakehead of the session and was thinking that this was going to be a good session (my previous visit yielded only one fish).

(1)_Snakehead (Toman) No.1 (23.08.14)

(2)_Snakehead (Toman) No.1 (23.08.14)Snakehead (Toman) No.1  

However, after landing this fish, things went quiet. Jon was having no luck either. We decided to move and try the headland, but as we worked our way over, an thunderstorm started to brew. Given the limited shelter we decided to head back to the corrugated iron roofed  shack at our previous location, just before the storm hit. After a brief, but intense rainstorm, we resumed fishing and Jon was soon into his first ever snakehead. Mission accomplished:

(3)_Snakehead (Toman) No.2 (23.08.14) [ed]

(4)_Snakehead (Toman) No.2 (23.08.14)

(5)_Snakehead (Toman) No.2 (23.08.14)Jon with his first ever snakehead (toman)

After this second fish, things were still slow. Jon went back to his car to get some leader and then headed to the headland. I stayed at the shack for a few more casts, but we were then hit by another rain storm. I stayed put in the shelter, but Jon was already on the headland and got hit by the force of the storm. But, more importantly, the fishing remained poor – very few, and mostly tentative hits and no fish hooked-up. After the rain stopped, I joined Jon on the headland, but itwas still very slow, although it was now early evening and surface activity was increasing. I tried a variety of surface and diving plagues plus a range of soft plastics. Nothing, nada. And then ….. The heavens opened and we got soaked in an intense rainstorm. It’s how amazing how cold the rain can be in the tropics … It was freezing!

After the storm abated, we decided to try the east bank. Against, without success – infact I don’t think either of us registered another bite and we finished the session as dusk descended. We quickly packed up and headed to the restaurant for some food and a cold beer. It had been a poor session, but Jon had achieved his first snakehead and he seemed like a good bloke. We will definitely fish together again in the near future – I’ll show Jon some of the other fishing venues available and he has promised to show me how to fly fish. Deal!

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