Hulu Langat Fishing Resort (10.08.14)

My first visit to the new, much anticipated Hulul Langat Fishing Resort. This is a new (literally just opened) upmarket pay pond style fishing location.  The pond is stocked with large Mekong and Patin catfish. The plan was for me, Noru and his friend Salihin to fish a morning session and see if we could entice a fish or two to eat our bait!

The facilities:

First, let me start with the facilities. After driving through Hulu langat kampung, and then driving down a narrow dirt track, you emerge into a small wooded valley. The facility is laid out in front of you like a gleaming holiday resort. It seems as if no expense has been spared – brand new buildings, tiled walkways, neat fishing chalets with wooden platforms, stainless steel wire fences. The reception area is well laid out, computerised and organised and a tackle shop stocked with all the essentials is also to hand.

All very impressive. It does, however, give the impression of fishing in a very large swimming pool – there are no in-water structures or vegetation to fish towards.

Hulu Langat Fishing Resort facilities (1)The jetty fishing area

Hulu Langat Fishing Resort facilities (2)The restaurant

Hulu Langat Fishing Resort facilities (3)Restaurant and chalets

Hulu Langat Fishing Resort facilities (4)Fishing chalets at night

Fishing Report:

We opted to fish at a chalet (called a platform) – I think that we were in no. 9. The price was RM360 for up-to 4 anglers/rods. The price included an angling guide. We had to buy the pellet bait from the facility andy also use their approved hooks and bait-feeder equipment (available to purchase at the tackle shop). The assistant mixed the bait, packed the feeder and baited the hook for each angler!  We then proceeded to either ledger or float fish the enormous balls of compressed pellets in the featureless pond. Whilst waiting, the anglers and guests could watch flat screen TV in the chalet and get food delivered from the restaurant – this was definitely not fishing in the wild and experiencing nature!

 The fishing platform was spacious and supplied with chairs. However, one noticeable piece of essential equipment that was missing was that there were no rod holders. Rods were layer flat on the structure with te bail arms open. Line was looped around the top of a plastic bottle filled with sand. A bite would pull line and the bottle would fall over to alert the angler! The other problem was that the platforms were close together, and the aerator paddles set up a current in the water, resulting in frequent line tangles with anglers on adjacent platforms.

So, how was the fishing? Well, despite everyone using the same baits and similar tackle set-ups, as dictated by the facility rules, all of us on our platform failed to achieve a single hook-up, or even register a convincing bite. We had four rods out, fished at different depths from bottom to near surface but we couldn’t get a fish for love nor money!

But there are big fish here, and they can be caught. The platform to our right caught fish regularly throughout the session, pulling in a steady stream of good sized Mekong and Patin catfish. Similarly, the platform to our left were also in regular action. In-fact, one of the anglers forgot to open his bale-arm and had his rod pulled straight in by a large fish. All was not lost however, as an angler to our right later coincidentally hooked his line, retrieved his rod and passed it back, via our platform, to the fortunate angler. And ……. the fish was still attached and was duely landed! Incredible!!

Across the water, we witnessed other anglers periodically hooking up and landing fish too. It seemed that it was only us that blanked out! I have no idea why, but I finished the session totally bemused. And the Patin remains still to be caught on my Bucket List! That’s fishing!!

(1)_Hulu Langat Fishing (10.08.14)

(2)_Hulu Langat Fishing (10.08.14)View of the jetty fishing area

(3)_Hulu Langat Fishing (10.08.14)

(4)_Hulu Langat Fishing (10.08.14)The adjacent chalet success – a decent sized Mekong Catfish comes to the net

In Summary:

A top end facility, well set-up with a significant amount of planning and investment. The place is stocked with big fish, but the angling is regulated and the scope for innovation and experimentation is very limited. Likewise, the species count is limited to two fish types.

Will I fish it again?  Definitely, especially as I endeavour to scratch The Patin from my Bucket List.

Will I fish it regularly? Probably not, as I prefer the option of more species and more fishing method options.

I do hope that the Hulu Langat Fishing Resort is a success though – a lot of effort has been put into it’s creation and it deserves to succeed. Every sports fishing enthusiast in the KL area should at least give it a try to sample the fishing and support local endeavours to provide quality fishing locations for us to enjoy now and into the future.

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