NEFFP – Lure fishing at Post 6 (03.08.14)

For the third time in consecutive weeks, a return to the NEFFP (well, wifey is away, I’m bored what!).

  • 4 Amazon Redtail Catfish
  • 3 Asian Redtail Catfish
  • Lost at least 3 more fish, one big fish that run me under the restaurant. I pulled the hook trying to bully it out (before it could break me off on a stanchion …!)
  • Lost a carp-like fish that took a small grub-tail lure
  • Foul hooked 2 turtles (both unharmed)
  • As dusk approached I was getting a strike a cast!
  • 4/7 fish foul-hooked, an unusually high number. I’m typically getting 80%+ legitimate, mouth hooked fish!

(2)_Amazon Redtail on green grub-tailAmazon Redtail on green grub-tail

(3)_Amazon Redtail on green & yellow plastic

(4)_Amazon Redtail on green & yellow plasticAmazon Redtail on green & yellow Starlit soft plastic

(6)_Asian Redtail Catfish

(7)_Asian Redtail CatfishAsian Redtail Catfish

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