Fish Valley Toman Pond (28.07.14)

A solo trip, and my first visit to Fish Valley in over a month. I was supposed to be fishing with Keith Boyer and Ben Urlwin, but both had to pull out at short notice due to Well Operations. Well, they picked the right day to avoid FV – the fishing was the slowest I’ve experienced here. I only managed to land one fish, although I did pull the hook on two others and had three other strikes which chopped the tails off my soft plastics. It was just uncharacteristically slow. It was unfortunate, because at the pond I met three Malaysian anglers, now based in Singapore, that had scheduled a stop at FV to fish for snakehead en-route back to Singapore (after visiting their home town) after reading of FV on my blog! Still, they managed to pick up a couple of snakehead between them and it’s nice to know that my blog is inspiring other anglers to get out and try new venues. Maybe FV will give me a free session for all the free advertising ….?? Lol

(3)_Snakehead (29.07.14)

(2)_Snakehead (29.07.14)The sole snakehead of the session

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