Amazon Catfish on Lures – NEFFP (26.07.14)

Following last weeks successful lure fishing visit, I decided to return again for another go. This week I was fishing with Keith Boyer, making his first visit to the pond. This time most of the action came from the drainage pipes and near the restaurant structure  – unusually (for lure fishing) the catch was dominated by Amazon Catfish and I ended up landing 3 amazon and one Asian Redtail Catfish. Keith had a run of bad luck, landing a turtle (unharmed) but suffering from pulled hooks, straightened lure clips and slipped knots! Ah, that’s why it’s called fishing …!! Next time!

(2)_Asian Redtail Catfish (26.07.14)

(1)_Asian Redtail Catfish (26.07.14)Asian Redtail Catfish

(3)_Amazon Redtail Catfish no.1 (26.07.14)

(4)_Amazon Redtail Catfish no.1 (26.07.14)Amazon Redtail on white grub tail

(8)_Amazon Redtail Catfish no.2 (26.07.14)Amazon Redtail on green and blue grub tail

(11)_Amazon Redtail Catfish no.3 (26.07.14)Amazon Redtail on white and red soft plastic

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