Jugra SW C&R Ponds, Banting (20.07.14)

As promised after my initial visit last month, a return to Jugra SW Pond. I wanted to return, despite the one hour drive from KL, to catch a redfish and a grouper. As per the previous visit, the fishing was slow, except for in the barramundi (siakap) pond. After no initial luck in the redfish and grouper ponds, I hit the barramundi pond to at least score a couple of fish. I landed two and pulled the hooks on a couple more:

(1)_Siakap with Jugra Hill backdrop (20.07.14)Barramundi (Siakap) with Jugra Hill in the background 

(4)_Jugra Hill (20.07.14)Jugra Hill

The new development since my last visit was the snapper and additional GT ponds:

(3)_Jugra snapper and GT ponds (20.07.14)New Ponds – GT and snapper

After a slow session, I concentrated my efforts in the last hour until sunset at the grouper pond as I’d seen a number of fish being caught there:

(2)_Sunset at Jugra SW Ponds (20.07.14)Sunset over Jugra SW Ponds

Finally, just as the light was fading I hooked-up (again on a jig head with the very effective Berkley 3″ white grub tail lure) . Initially I thought I was snagged, until this 4kg grouper decided to swim away. After a brief tug-o-war, I had the brute in the net. Goal achieved – at least partially, I still want a redfish!

(5)_Grouper 4kg (20.07.14)

(8)_Grouper 4kg (20.07.14)4kg Grouper

As darkness descended, a swarm of vicious mosquitoes emerged, followed by a flock of swifts, in a scene reminiscent of Hitchcock’s movie “The Birds”. It was time to leave ….!

(9)_Swifts hunting mosquitoes (20.07.14)Swift frenzy – as dusk came, so did the mosquitoes …!!

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