Teluk Kemang, Port Dickson (08.07.14)

My second 2014 trip out of Teluk Kamang, Port Dickson, once again fishing with Captain Apek and Noru Razak. I was hoping for a better trip this time, it was pretty slow going on the last trip back in March:

Upon arrival, I asked the Captain about the fishing – “slow”, he said. Hmmm, not a good sign. The weather was not perfect, either, although by world standards, a breeze and slight chop was nothing to fret about!

We set off, and I was surprised when we stopped, after only 10 minutes, to fish in deeper water to the north of Tanjun Tuan headland (Cape Rachado). This was bottom jigging, not my preferred style of fishing. Captain Apek explained that it would be a short stop until the tide became more favourable offshore. Whilst the Captain and Noru were jigging, I decided to try jig heads with soft plastic tails. I was full of enthusiasm for lure fishing following my recent spate of success with Toman and Pacu. Noru was first to catch, bringing in a small snapper. Captain Apek followed this up with a small ‘cuda. I was having no luck with the plastics, so decided to switch to a jig. After a few drops, I was snagged up, losing my jig and wire trace! This marked the end of the first, brief, inshore session. We now headed offshore to the Strait of Malacca shipping lanes in search of game.

As soon as we arrived offshore, we were met with a burst of Talang Queenfish and Tenggiri surface activity. We immediately cast jigs into the mêlée, and Noru was instantly hooked-up to a Queenfish.

(1)_Queenfish No.1 (08.07.14)Noru with the first Queenfish of the session

We now started hunting for surface activity – it was sporadic, fast, and short lived. We arrived at a location and almost immediately the school of fish dove. But we stayed in the area and were rewarded with a burst of activity. Apek hooked-up first, with the second Queenfish of the day:

(2.1)_Captain Apek - Queenfish No.2 (08.07.14)Captain Apek hooked-up to Queenfish No.2

Captain Apek – Queenfish No.2

He quickly followed-up his first fish with another Queenie, and, just as he landed his fish, Noru got a strike and was also hooked-up:

Captain Apek & Noru Razak – Queenfish No.3 & 4 (08.07.14)

Meanwhile, my combined efforts, with both soft plastics and metal jigs went unrewarded, except for a couple of follows to boat side! We spent another 2-3 hours visiting offshore marks in the Strait of Malacca shipping lanes. We saw sporadic and brief surface activity throughout the session, but were unable to score any further hook-ups.

(4.1)_Shipping Lane Traffic (08.07.14)

Strait of Malacca shipping lanes

As the fishing was very slow, it was hot, and Captain Apek mentioned that the late afternoon tides were not good for producing fish, we decided to head back in early via Cape Rachado to try for Giant Trevally. We spent an hour or so throwing poppers and soft plastics around the Cape headland, without even a hint of a fish.

(5.1)_Cape Rachado fishing (08.07.14)

(6.1)_Cape Rachado fishing (08.07.14)Inshore fishing, Cape Rachado

Noru (who had been suffering from the early stages of seasickness) was finally pushed over the edge at our final jigging stop, north of Cape Rachado, and finally succumbed to the chop and swell. We decided to call it a day early, and returned to Teluk Kemang by 4.00pm, or thereabouts.

(6)_Captain Apek & the boat (08.07.14)

(5)_Captain Apek & the boat (08.07.14)Captain Apek and the boat at the beach at Teluk Kemang

(3)_The Catch (08.07.14)The day’s catch

It had been a good trip, with 6 fish landed. I also managed to get some reasonable GoPro footage. However, I’d managed to blank for the second time in a row out of PD. I’m hoping for better luck on the next trip. Back at the fishing village, a new trophy wall had appeared, with a selection of tails from a variety of decent sized game fish, including Queenfish, Cobia, Giant Trevally and Narrow Barred Mackerel:

(7)_Trophy Wall (08.07.14)

(8)_Trophy Wall (08.07.14)The Trophy Wall

These attest to the game fishing potential in the Port Dickson area.

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2 Responses to Teluk Kemang, Port Dickson (08.07.14)

  1. richard says:

    looking forward to this post. I always wondered how is the sport fishing scene in port dickson like. do you take a boat out or just fish from the various jetty?

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