Fishing – Caught on Camera #1

A random selection of some of my favourite fishing videos of two of my favourite saltwater game-fish species.

View the embedded file or click on the link below each embedded file to go directly to the YouTube site and get more (& better) viewing options. All of the videos associated with this blog can be viewed at:



Sion and Andrew Griffin – Second Yellowfin Tuna Double, Cape Town (06.04.12)

Oman Yellowfin Tuna No.1 (03.03.13)

Oman Yellowfin Tuna No.4 (03.03.13)

[the first link is edited, the second link is the full catch sequence]



Big Sailfish on Light Tackle (20.09.09)

 Light Tackle Sailfish (16.10.10)

Rompin Sailfish No.5 on Penn 6500ss & 20lb (04.08.13)

Siôn Griffin – Rompin Sailfish No.8 (04.08.13)

Abdullah & Ceri – Sailfish Double & Close Call (26.10.13)

Griffin & Khan – Frenetic Sailfish Double (26.10.13)

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