Fish Valley Toman Pond (22.06.14)

My fifth visit to the Snakehead (Toman) Pond at Semenyih ….! This time I was fishing with Sam (my second nephew to visit our family in Kuala Lumpur in recent weeks) and my son Ceri. This was my first afternoon visit to fish for Toman (I always thought that the afternoon sessions would be busier than the morning sessions, but heard from a friend that it was actually pretty quiet in the afternoons). The mission, this time, was to get Sam to follow in his brother Joshua’s footsteps and land a Toman:

We arrived at the location just before 2.30pm, to fish the 3.00-7.00pm session. And, it was very quiet when we arrived (although we were early), with only two other anglers present. I rigged-up 3 rods, showed Sam how to change lures, cast, what to do if he got a bite, etc, and we all proceeded to fish. As it was mid-afternoon, and there was a bit of a breeze rippling the pond surface, we opted for soft plastic baits, because there was very limited surface activity. It only took half a dozen casts or so before I got a good strike and landed a nice sized pacu.

(1)_Pacu (22.06.14)

(2)_Pacu (22.06.14)Pacu on a soft plastic lure

Ceri was hot on my heels and soon followed this pacu up with a nice snakehead, which I matched a short while later. Sam, on the other hand, was finding it slow going and had yet to register a convincing strike.

(5)_Ceri's first Toman (22.06.14)Ceri’s first Toman of the session

(6)_AG Toman No.1 (22.06.14)

(7)_AG Toman No.1 (22.06.14)Toman No.1 on a jig head/yellow & green plastic tail

I continued fishing soft plastics, and was having good action on jig heads with soft plastic tails. I now switched to green and blue grub-tails that I’d picked up in the tackle show the day before. After a few tentative knocks I finally hooked-up to a nice snakehead of c.10lbs, the best fish of the session:

(8)_AG Toman No.2 (22.06.14)(11)_AG Toman No.2 (22.06.14)Big Toman (No.2) on green & blue grub tail

Things now started to slow down. Ceri changed to a white Starlit pencil lure and was taken by surprise when he hooked-up right at his feet as he finished a retrieve:

(12)_Ceri's second Toman (22.06.14)

(13)_Ceri's second Toman (22.06.14)Ceri’s second Toman on a Starlit white & orange pencil lure

Despite this last fish, things had really slowed down. In addition, Sam was having no luck, despite working hard. I suggested moving to the west side of the pond and fish an area that I’d never tried before. It was late afternoon by now and I noticed some surface activity in the area. I now switched to a purple and silver pencil lure and after casting to surface activity, picked up my third snakehead of the session.

(15)_AG Toman No.3 (22.06.14)

(16)_AG Toman No.3 (22.06.14)Toman No.3 on a Starlit purple & silver pencil lure

I then rounded of the evening with another nice snakehead, this time taken on a green and yellow shallow diver. This fish ran me into a thicket of tree pilings that had been place to demark swims. Despite wading into the pond I couldn’t get the fish free, but periodically felt him pulling, so I knew he was still on. I was loath to break of the fish and leave him caught in the structure. I sent my son, Ceri, around to see if the staff would get the small rowing boat to help me free it. But, whilst he was gone I tried free-spooling the line and trying to get the fish to swim out. At the third attempt, after free-spooling and then re-applying tension, the fish suddenly came out of the thicket and popped to the surface. I quickly brought the fish to the net:

(17)_AG Toman No.4 (22.06.14)

(18)_AG Toman No.4 (22.06.14)Toman No.4 on a Maria MJ-1 green & yellow diving plug

After this, it went slow again. Sam had continued to work hard (Ceri had, by now, given up as it was hot work), and said that he just wanted to get a strike. But, unfortunately his luck ran out as dusk approached and we had to call it a day. Next time ….!!

 (20)_No fish Sam (22.06.14)Unfortunately, Sam had no luck today

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