Snakehead Fishing with the Khans at Semenyih (07.06.14)

My fourth consecutive visit in the past four weeks….! An early morning trip, once again. This trip was supposed to be me, my son Ceri and my mate Irshad’s son, Abdullah, for their second visit. However, my son had messed-up his schedule and had a pre-planned school activity in the afternoon, so had to drop out. Irshad brought Abdullah and his brother Akhtar, together with his brother’s employee, Zia. It was, once again, a bright and clear morning at the pond. The fishermen were me, Abdullah and Zia (with Akhtar alternating with Zia from time to time, as both were having their first experience of fishing).

It was slow going, compared with previous trips, and I began to wonder if the toman were already getting lure shy. Gradually, though, I started getting strikes and started to build my catch. All bites were coming to soft plastic lures; I had absolutely no luck on hard lures today.

 I first took a nice toman, and followed this up with a catfish (baung). I alternated toman and catfish for the rest of the session. Finishing up with 3 toman and 3 catfish.

(19)_Sunrise (07.06.14)Sunrise

(21)_Snakehead No.1 to the net (07.06.14)

(23)_Snakehead No.1 to the net (07.06.14)

(22)_Snakehead No.1 to the net (07.06.14)Snakehead (Toman) No.1 comes to the net

(2)_Snakehead No.1 (07.06.14)

???????????????????????????????Snakehead (Toman) No.1 of the session

(6)_Abdullah popping (07.06.14)Abdullah popping for Snakeheads

(6)_Catfish No.1 (07.06.14) [ed]

(7)_Catfish No.1 (07.06.14) [ed]Catfish (Baung) No.1 on jig head/soft plastic lure

(18)_Akhtar & Zia (07.06.14)Akhtar and Zia trying their luck with soft plastic lures

(9)_Snakehead No.2 (07.06.14) [ed]

(10)_Snakehead No.2 (07.06.14) [ed]Snakehead (Toman) No.2 – taken on a jig head/soft plastic tail lure

Snakehead (Toman) No.2 Film

(13)_Catfish No.2 (07.06.14) [crop]Catfish No.2

Catfish No.2 – Video

Snakehead No.3

Abdullah, Zia and Akhtar were having no luck though, and I couldn’t understand why. Abdullah, in particular, was working hard, trying different lures and casting well. He was also targeting the structures and fish rises. I couldn’t figure it out. The other anglers were also faring poorly, but given that they were new to angling, and that lure fishing is not the easiest introduction, it was easier to understand.

Finally, right at the end of the session, and with the heat and fatigue taking its toll on me, I took a rest and convinced Abdullah to have a go with my set-up. I turned my GoPro on and started to record his last few casts. About third cast in he got a hit when the lure was close to the bank. After a short, but spirited, fight, Abdullah finally had his first snakehead and first fish caught on a lure:

(41)_Abdullah's first Snakehead (07.06.14)

(39)_Abdullah's first Snakehead (07.06.14)Abdullah’s first Snakehead

Abdullah’s first Snakehead – the film

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