Sunday Snakehead at Semenyih (01.06.14)

This was my third visit to the Fish Valley Toman pond in as many weeks! Once again I, had no plan to fish this weekend because I had visitors (my nephew and his girlfriend) from the UK and also because I was planning to go the following week. However, my nephew, Joshua, has always been keen to try fishing, although he hasn’t had much opportunity in the UK. I was telling him about my recent exploits and he asked me if I would take him to the pond – after making sure that his girlfriend was ok with the idea, we decided to have an early morning session the coming Sunday.

We go up early and arrived at the FV Semenyih location just after 7 am. I quickly rigged up two rods and we proceeded to the grassy headland. There were already 3 or 4 anglers fishing that area, and there was a lot of surface activity as evidenced by numerous rises and splashes. As it was still early morning, with the sun low in the sky, I clipped on a dark popper and gave Joshua a black & purple Starlit pencil lure. I went to the end of the headland and cast out. Second cast I was hooked-up to a nice snakehead (toman) even before Josh had started to fish!

(2)_Snakehead on popper (01.06.14) [ed]Snakehead on popper, 2nd cast!

After landing the first fish, for the next three or four casts my popper received attention from hungry toman, but without a full strike. After that, it just went dead on top-water lures! Josh wasn’t getting much luck on the dark pencil lure (this lure received plenty of hits the previous week). I started to try different diving plugs, including a new Starlit yellow/orange sinking lipped plug, but without a touch. The other anglers were all working top-waters without any noticeable success.

Meanwhile, Josh was, at my suggestion, working a variety of soft plastic lures, as I suspected that the fish were already down deep plus I knew it would also give him a shot at a pacu. It was a good hour until our next fish, with Josh scoring his first ever snakehead (toman):

(3)_Josh's first Snakehead (01.06.14) [ed]Josh’s first Snakehead, on a soft plastic

Despite just catching another fish, it was slow going around the headland. I noticed a lot o fish rises and surface activity on the east bank of the pond and we decided to decamp to that side and try our luck there. I continued to persevere with hard lures whilst Josh continued with the soft plastics, and was soon hooked-up and duly landed his first ever pacu:

(5)_Josh's first Pacu (01.06.14) [ed]Josh’s first Pacu, again on soft plastic

Within ten minutes, Josh was on again and soon brought his second toman to the net on a translucent red soft plastic lure:

(7)_Joshua - Snakehead no.2 (01.06.14)Joshua – 2nd Snakehead

After a hiatus of about half an hour, Josh hooked-up again and landed his third toman of the session, this time on a pink soft plastic:

(9)_Joshua - Snakehead no.3 (01.06.14)Joshua with his 3rd Snakehead of the day

Joshua Sturgess – Pacu and Snakehead

I had, by now, also switched to a jig head/soft plastic combination and I got 3 good strikes in quick succession, each one burning my drag before coming unbuttoned – each one, I suspect was a pacu. My lure tail was intact but the middle of the body was scored and cut! Josh, on the other hand, was lamenting a slowdown in activity.

As it was coming to the end of the session, I decided to try a new colour Starlit pencil lure, this time in brown & white. I finally got my second fish of the day, another toman to close-out the session:

(11)_Final Snakehead of the session (01.06.14)Final Snakehead of the session

Unfortunately, I’d turned my GoPro off and had forgotten to turn it back on. This last fish put up a good fight and I thought I’d got it all on film, but Josh told me the light was off ….damn!! I’ll have to try again next time!

Anyway, it was a good session and mission accomplished – Josh had caught both a snakehead and a pacu, plus had thoroughly enjoyed himself fishing with lures. Job done!

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