Fish Valley Toman Pond (13.05.14)

I was surfing the web, looking for local pay ponds and associated fishing sites, trying to find new locations to fish, and I stumbled upon this report of Giant Snakehead (Toman) fishing at Fish Valley Semenyih:

This blog report described the recent opening of a Snakehead (Toman) catch and release lure fishing pond at Semenyih. This really fired me up because (1) I’d just started fishing at Fish Valley and (2) a Snakehead was a target fish for me on my Bucket List. I had to go! I called Noru and he was good enough to find out all of the relevant information regarding the pond – it was open at weekends and public holidays only, and was RM100 for a 4 hour session, with two sessions per day (7.30-11.30am and 3.00-7.00pm).

Noru arranged a trip for the next Saturday, although he was going to observe and take photo’s. Me and Badrul would do the fishing. I arrived early, at just after 7.00am (courtesy of the WAZE navigation app). A group of Malaysian Chinese anglers were already fishing from a grassy headland at the entrance to the pond. I rigged-up my new light tackle set-up – a 6-10lb class Daiwa Crossbeat rod paired with a Shimano Ultegra 5000, tied on a 30lb wire leader and then cast my eye over my lure box. The Chinese dudes were all decked out in Shimano sun tops and with baitcaster multiplier reels fishing snazzy lures with propellers or fancy tails. I decided to clip on a simple yellow/orange Starlit pencil lure and took a position between some trees on the right-hand (eastern) side of the headland.

(4)_Retrieving (13.05.14)Fishing a pencil lure for Snakehead

By about the 5th cast I got a good strike and was onto a decent snakehead. I just landed it as Noru and Badrul arrived! Another fish to tick off the Bucket List, and the first snakehead of the day! I was also pleased to get a catch on the pencil lure – I bought one some time back and was impressed with its action in the water, so went back and bought another, but I hadn’t caught a fish on them up until this day.

(1)_Toman No.1 (13.05.14) [ed]

(2)_Toman No.1 (13.05.14) [ed]

(3)_Toman No.1 (13.05.14)My first ever Snakehead (Toman) …!!

Freshwater Bucket List Table (May 2014)Another species removed from the Bucket List …!

After a while, the other anglers started to disperse around the pond and I was able to fish at the end of the headland, giving me a range of casting options. Surface activity had gone quiet so I switched to a green soft plastic and, after dropping a good fish was soon hooked-up again, this time to a decent pacu – my first on lure!

(4)_1st Pacu on lure (13.05.14)My first Pacu on a lure (a green Hinomiya soft bait)

I started experimenting with my lure collection. And switched to the Starlit white/red tailed soft plastic that worked so well in the Natural Exotic Fishing Pond  – e.g. see post: Natural Exotic Fishing Pond – Fishing with Siôn (18.08.13)

 After a few casts I was on again, this time to another decent snakehead:

(7)_Casting (13.05.14) [ed]Cast ……

(10)_Hooked-up. Toman No.2 (13.05.14)Fish on! Snakehead (Toman) No. 2

(10)_Toman No.2 (13.05.14) [ed]Snakehead No.2 on Starlit Soft Lure (the magic white & red 10cm SSL208)

(15)__Toman No.2 - Snakehead (13.05.14) [crop]Snakehead!

For some reason, Badrul was having a slow day. After a couple of fruitless hours, he finally picked up his first of the day, a pacu. He followed this a short while later with a very exotic looking catfish, unfortunately foul hooked in the tail. Apparently, these fish are stocked in the pond because they eat algae and weeds, and help to keep the pond in reasonable condition.

(15)_Badrul's Pacu (13.05.14)Badrul’s Pacu

Fish Valley Toman Pond (13.05.14)Fish Valley Toman Pond vista

(28)_Pond Cleaner Catfish (13.05.14)Pond cleaner catfish  – beautiful colours

I noticed that there was still some sporadic surface activity, even though it was no around 10.30am, the sun was burning bright and the temperature was starting to become uncomfortable. I re-attached the Starlit pencil lure and cast just beyond a surface fish rise. As soon as my lure reached the spot it was struck viciously by a hungry toman, which I duly brought to the net for No.3 of the session.

(32)_Toman No.3 (13.05.14)

(19)_Toman No.3 (13.05.14)

(33)_Toman No.3 (13.05.14)Snakehead No.3 on Starlit pencil lure

Meanwhile, Badrul had switched to a deep diving plug and was working the eastern side of the headland and opposite bank. Suddenly, he was on, and brought in another new species, an Asian Catfish (Baung):

(22)_Badrul's Buang (13.05.14)

(40)_Badrul's Buang (13.05.14)Badrul’s Baung (catfish) on a deep diving plug

It was now approaching mid-day, and it was hot and humid. I decided to have a few casts with a different lure – I clipped on a small pink jig-head with a white grub tail. It casted well and I sent it far out into the pond. Second cast and it was slammed by a reasonable pacu which put up the best fight of the day, including a jump upon hook-up!

(42)_Hooked-up. 2nd Pacu on lure (13.05.14)Hooked-up on a small pink jig head with soft plastic grub tail

(23)_2nd Pacu on lure (13.05.14)to another Pacu …!

That fish marked the end of the session. It was time to retire to the restaurant for rehydration with 100 Plus and to dine on delicious red chicken curry and veggies. As Noru remarked, I’d had a good day! It was one of my most enjoyable days freshwater fishing. Definitely a place for a return visit or two.

The Food (13.05.14)The food …..

Ayam Red Curry (13.05.14)Ayam Red Curry

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